WATCH: Train like an Olympian

  • Now Playing: Barry’s Bootcamp CEO demos 4 moves anyone can do at home to get in shape

  • Now Playing: Increasing number of children killed by flu epidemic

  • Now Playing: The CDC says some rapid flu tests are only 50-70% accurate

  • Now Playing: Eating more processed foods could increase your cancer risk, study says

  • Now Playing: Soy milk top among plant-based milks, study reports

  • Now Playing: Eating slower could help prevent obesity: Study

  • Now Playing: What you need to know about the flu vaccine

  • Now Playing: What parents can do to help prevent the spread of flu

  • Now Playing: 5 tips for losing weight with your loved one

  • Now Playing: Olympians use VR to train for 2018 Winter Games

  • Now Playing: Jessica Biel and Woman Care Global CEO discuss new sex ed campaign on ‘GMA’

  • Now Playing: New flu numbers show growing outbreak in US

  • Now Playing: Train like an Olympian

  • Now Playing: 1 in 10 US deaths last week due to flu or pneumonia

  • Now Playing: Flu epidemic leaves 53 children dead, how to stop flu symptoms from turning deadly

  • Now Playing: Smart devices like Apple watch can detect diabetes: Study

  • Now Playing: What exactly is the ‘stomach flu?’

  • Now Playing: Top female Olympians pledge brains to concussion research

  • Now Playing: Fetal alcohol syndrome in children up to 10 times more common than experts thought

  • Now Playing: Trump evangelical advisor claims Jesus can protect from flu

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