Mississippi governor prods lawmakers to enact lottery bill

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant gave lawmakers a last-minute prodding on Thursday to enact a lottery bill, which he said will generate the state multi-millions in revenue annually.

Mississippi governor prods lawmakers to enact lottery billThe Ledger-Enquirer reported that the pro-lottery governor made a last ditch attempt to convince members of the House and the Senate to enact a lottery as tax collections continue to fall short of expectations.

Earlier this week, the cash-strapped state made its third round of spending cuts since the budget year started July 1.

“When you’re looking at some of the challenges that we’re having and you see a revenue bill that would generate somewhere between 50 and 60 million dollars — just an estimate — I think that’s something that needs to be taken seriously by the members of both the House and the Senate,” Bryant said, according to the news website.

The Mississippi governor has been very vocal in supporting a lottery in his jurisdiction. Bryant even supported Mississippi residents driving to Arkansas to buy lottery tickets in his one of his speeches in January.

Mississippi’s lottery proposals died in the House earlier this month but could be revived in the Senate in the next few weeks. The three-month legislative session is about to start and is scheduled to end April 2.

“When I was lieutenant governor and president of the Senate, if I had a majority of my members who wanted to vote, I thought it was incumbent upon me to let them have that opportunity to exercise that right,” said Bryant, who served one term as lieutenant governor before starting his current job in 2014. “It may not be just popular with some members, but I think the majority wants to have an opportunity to vote on a state lottery, and we’d certainly look at that with great interest.”



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Problem gamblers more likely to enter slots “immersive zone”

slots-zone-problem-gamblingNew research appears to confirm the hypothesis that problem gamblers are more likely to enter a ‘zone’ when sitting at a slot machine.

This month, the Psychology of Addictive Behaviors journal published the results of a new study by the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Gambling Research. The study sought to determine if problem gamblers displayed more “attentional pathology” than subjects with no history of gambling problems.

The study involved two groups: one was composed of UBC undergrads with no history of problem gambling while the other group consisted of individuals for whom slots play was a familiar activity. This latter group included some self-identified problem gamblers.

The subjects were asked to play a real slot machine in the UBC lab. The machine had video panels mounted on each side that displayed moving shapes, including white circles. The subjects were asked to press a button whenever they noticed a white circle morph into a red square to measure their “peripheral target detection.”

The subjects were also hooked up to machines measuring their heart rates during slots play, and were asked following their play to report if at any point they’d felt like they were in a trance or lost track of time, aka “probe-caught mind wandering.”

Researchers determined that those subjects deemed to be at a higher risk of problem gambling reported greater levels of immersion and the experienced gamblers who’d identified as problem gamblers were also more apt to miss the white circles changing to red squares.

The study’s lead author, Spencer Murch, said his group had found that “a very strong predictor of a person’s risk of problem gambling is not remembering how long they’ve been playing.” Murch said slots are the type of gambling “most consistently linked to gambling addiction” and he hoped the study would help identify ways to “design slot machines that promote more responsible play.”

Centre director Luke Clark said the findings suggested that slots could be reconfigured to promote more responsible use by “disrupting the slot machine zone state … Since static signs and stickers on slot machines are unlikely to distract immersed players, [responsible gambling] messages should be eye-catching and as close as possible to the slots’ reels.”



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Scientists Offer Lab Space for People Affected by Trump Travel Ban

Scientists across the globe are offering up laboratory space to U.S.-based researchers who may be impacted by President Trump’s executive order to temporarily ban most travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations.

One list started on Wednesday already has more than 460 offers of assistance after it was launched by the European Molecular Biology Organization. A spokesman for the EMBO, a professional organization based in Germany for researchers specializing in life sciences, said the group has had a new offer of help every few minutes.

“It was really a spontaneous thing,” EMBO spokesman Tillman Kiessling told ABC News today of the decision to create the “Science Solidarity” list. “The entry restrictions are harming scientists and their careers.”

“We are overwhelmed by the [good] will of the researchers on this list who have volunteered to help other scientists in trouble,” Kiessling added.

Scientists are offering up laboratory space, desk space and even free accommodation to other researchers who may be affected by Trump’s order.

The executive order has put serious pressure on the medical and scientific community because scientists often travel across the globe for conferences and to share information. For doctoral and post-doctoral students affected by the executive order, their careers could be seriously affected if they are unable to return to the labs where they have been working, scientists have noted.

Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, an associate professor at the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, said a student at her college affected by the ban has been unable to get back to the U.S. to continue his work at the school laboratory.

“He’s continuing the project work [abroad, but] there’s a real question, ‘Is he going to come back at all to finish his degree?'” Golbeck said.

Golbeck organized a list earlier this week to help people affected by the ban find new lab space or positions at research institutions outside the U.S. She said she has had 1,000 offers of support from scientists but that many of those affected so far have been relying on their academic institution for guidance and help.

“We’re sort of a last resort,” Golbeck said. “It’s not surprising that there is a lot of existing support in the academic community.”

She said she knew of one chemistry student, who wished to remain anonymous, who was affected by the order and stuck outside the U.S. He has received calls from multiple people offering to help him continue his research abroad, Golbeck said.

“He’s been in touch with a lot of people,” Golbeck said. “Getting into a new program, it’s an administratively intense process … [but] we had 25 people directly in touch with him.”

The American Medical Association voiced its concern on Wednesday to the Trump administration that medical students and residents with legal visas were being impacted by the executive order.

“The AMA is concerned that this executive order is negatively impacting patient access to care and creating unintended consequences for our nation’s health care system,” Dr. James Madara, chief executive officer of the AMA, said in a statement Wednesday. “Specifically, there are reports indicating that this executive order is affecting both current and future physicians as well as medical students and residents who are providing much needed care to some of our most vulnerable patients.”

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BTC China extends bitcoin withdrawal freeze into March

The fallout from the People’s Bank of China’s (PBoC) crackdown on domestic digital currency exchanges continues, and this time BTC China has announced that it will stop cryptocurrency withdrawals for one month.

BTC China extends bitcoin withdrawal freeze into MarchOn Thursday, the Shanghai-based bitcoin exchange said on its website that the hold will be extended to March 15—marking the third time BTC China has extended the ongoing bitcoin and litecoin withdrawal on its platform.

Considered to be one of China’s “Big 3” exchanges, BTC China announced early this month that it will subject all bitcoin withdrawals to a 72-hour review as it upgrades its internal systems. Days later, the 72-hour delay was upped to 10 days.

This time, BTC China said it plans to continue the audit of its system.

“After the upgrade of the industry and the completion of the audit system, the bitcoin and litecoin currency will be back to normal. If the system upgrade can be completed ahead of time, all business will return to normal immediately,” the bitcoin exchange said on its website.

With the withdrawal freeze, existing BTC China clients are unable to get their digital currency deposits out, but the company said withdrawals in Chinese yuan are still allowed, “if customers want to withdraw funds within a shorter period, they can first trade their bitcoins and litecoins for CNY on the exchange and then withdraw the CNY.”

Aside from BTC China, Huobi and OKCoin also halted bitcoin and litecoin withdrawals while they undergo an upgrade to fight “money laundering, exchange, pyramid schemes and other illegal activities.”

Two other companies were also forced to make several changes following PBoC’s harsh warnings. This week, bitcoin mining company HaoBTC announced that it is closing its exchange operation “given the fact that the prospect of a regulatory policy for a bitcoin exchange isn’t clear yet,” while Shenzhen-based bitcoin marketplace BitKan said it will stop new registrations as the company upgrades its anti-money laundering checks.

Current bitcoin price

Bitcoin traded at a high $1,038.5 early Friday morning.



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Shares of fantasy sports app SportsHero up in Aussie market debut

Singapore-based SportsHero is in for a good start in its debut on the Australian Securities Exchange with its share prices up in Wednesday’s trading.

SportsHero, which claims to be the world’s first social network dedicated to sports prediction, opened at a high of AU$0.06 versus its initial public offering (IPO) price of AU$0.05 per share.

Shares of fantasy sports app SportsHero up in Aussie market debutPrior to its debut, the company said that it was able to raise AU$3.2 million ($2.44 million) through the issue of 64 million shares. SportsHero’s listing came via a reverse takeover of Nevada Iron Ltd.

Dinesh Bhatia, CEO of SportsHero, said that the fantasy sports app firm will be focusing on customer acquisition, introducing additional sports, and enhancing the features and user experience while sustaining strong engagement among users over the next 12 to 18 months.

“The Board and management team look forward to creating accelerated value for our shareholders with the successful listing on the Australian Securities Exchange,” Bhatia said in a statement. “The listing will give SportsHero access to both domestic and international investors and the proceeds raised will allow the Company to advance the development and commercialisation of SportsHero on an Asian and global scale, including developing ecommerce and engagement features for further monetisation of the platform.”

SportsHero’s listing comes at a time when mobile penetration in Asia-Pacific and consumer demand and interest in sports are increasing.

Data provided by research firm Statista showed that there will be 2.3 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2017. SportsHero, meanwhile, pointed out that the sports industry has played a pivotal role in the worldwide economic growth.

In China alone, the government there is aiming their domestic sports industry to exceed US$727 billion (5 trillion yuan) in value by 2025. Pursuant to the recent prospectus the SportsHero mobile app has already seen a growing level of engagement with over 80,000 users and retention rates increasing.

“The Company looks to build the world’s largest social network dedicated to sports by bringing together sports fans from around the world and helping them make better predictions on the outcomes of games through harnessing the power of other fans within SportsHero’s social community. The Company’s largest shareholder, MyHero Limited is backed by investors including 500 Startups, Samsung Ventures, KPCB and IPV Capital,” the company said.



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Four Great Sexual Health Apps

By Gillian Hatcher, 18, Staff Writer

February 14, 2017

We all have our phones on us most of the day, and we all use at least five apps a day, so why not add a few great sexual health apps?

Recently, Answer—the organization that publishes Sex, Etc.—published a report in which they asked teens to use and review apps and other web-based digital tools related to sexual health. The report looks at what is working in the world of sexual health digital tools and recommends how organizations in the field of sexual and reproductive health can do an even better job of using technology to provide us with accurate sexual health info.

Here are four apps that received all-around high praise!

Bedsider’s Birth Control Reminders

This is an app for people like me who always need a reminder to take their birth control. The cool thing about this app is that each day you get to learn a weird fact, get a beautiful quote or some new reading material, all while being reminded about your birth control of choice. Some of my favorites have been a link to a women’s literature list, the quote “There is a moon, that rests in the quiet corners of a lover’s lips” and insight into Cleopatra’s signature lipstick.

Circle of 6

I personally had all of my friends download this app. Circle of 6 allows you to keep in contact with your friends and family anytime: while you’re out and alone, feeling uncomfortable at a party or not feeling safe while on a date, for example. You can send a text to your “circle” with the press of a button, asking them to “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.” You can also easily send texts like “I’m home safe” and “Come and get me. I need help getting home safely” with your location. Circle of 6 makes it that much easier to have the support and help of your family and friends when you need it most.


Eve is not your normal period tracker app; it’s actually a lot more. Just like other period trackers, there are reminders when your period should start and a log to track all of your symptoms. But it also has a bunch of articles, quizzes and an active community you can participate in. Here you can talk to other people about their periods and share advice and tips to get through your period. It might be weird to call a period tracker app “fun,” but Eve is definitely a fun app to have on your phone.

Planned Parenthood Chat/Text

While Planned Parenthood Chat/Text isn’t an app, it is a great digital tool that you can access on your phone. Go to the Planned Parenthood website and click the “Chat Now” button. Through the chat, you can have your sexual questions answered by a professional. This tool is beyond valuable and something that you should use if you ever have a question about your sexual health and need a quick answer.

I hope that these apps make it onto your phone to stay. Are there other sexual health apps or digital tools that you love? Leave a comment below.

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Galentine’s Day: More Than Romantic Love

By Grace Wampold, 17, Staff Writer

February 14, 2017

Of the many commercial holidays celebrated year round, Valentine’s Day deserves a handwritten card for being the one that commemorates love, intimacy and passion. While many couples make dinner reservations or order flowers, the love we are celebrating is not reserved only for those in romantic relationships. Whether your closest loved one is your partner or friend, all intimate moments are valuable reminders of the support we give to one another.

Since 2010, women have been using February 13th to celebrate Galentine’s Day, a concept made up by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. Groups of “gal pals” come together and celebrate friends (the other loves of your life) just before Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day reminds us that intimacy is not necessarily physical or romantic; it’s an unapologetic, familiar comfort with someone else. Coming together, passionate about the happiness of someone close to us, can better connect us to our own understanding of what we value and cherish. From hugging your mom to smiling at a stranger, that moment of connection taps into the same feeling. Valentine’s Day is more or less an opportunity to give tokens of love to those we love. The pressure we put on ourselves to find romantic fulfillment, especially this time of year, can make it difficult to acknowledge the platonic loves in our life. Never devalue yourself by the types of relationships you have in your life. Champion them, because when talking about love and building strong relationships, every moment of intimacy, of connectivity, is meaningful.

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Youngster Dies as Authorities Validate 2 Circumstances of Unusual Neurological Health issues

Two kids have been diagnosed with a uncommon neurological ailment known as acute flaccid myelitis, which can lead to paralysis, the Washington State Department of Health and fitness stated nowadays.

At the very least nine circumstances have been identified as portion of a likely cluster of AFM circumstances, which include the two confirmed circumstances. Just one little one, who died after acquiring neurological symptoms, has not been confirmed to have experienced produced AFM, according to the Washington State Department of Health and fitness.

The kids amongst the ages of 3 to 14 in Washington point out ended up hospitalized at Seattle Children’s Clinic after acquiring symptoms which include weakness or decline of movement in a single or additional of their limbs.

5 of the kids ended up released from the healthcare facility, 3 remain hospitalized and a single died after acquiring the symptoms, the Washington State Department of Health and fitness stated Monday. The family stated the little one died on Sunday. No link amongst any of the circumstances has been detected, according a spokeswoman for the Washington State Department of Health and fitness.

Due to the nature of the symptoms, authorities are investigating if they have identified a cluster of AFM. The syndrome is a uncommon ailment that is not contagious on its have and impacts the anxious system, especially the spinal cord. It can happen thanks to different will cause which include viral infections. Because AFM is generally induced by a selection of viruses, officials are looking to see if any viral infections in the location may perhaps have led to the cluster.

CDC officials stated nowadays that they are “worried about the maximize in circumstances in the latest months.” Because the get started of this year via September, there have been 89 circumstances of AFM in 33 states, according to the CDC. In 2015, there ended up just fifty circumstances. In 2014, one hundred twenty circumstances of AFM ended up noted during the U.S. amongst August and December. At the time, the CDC and other overall health agencies ended up investigating the enterovirus D68.

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disorder professional at Vanderbilt University Medical Heart, stated the target will be to definitively diagnose the kids with AFM and then search for a likely lead to.

“The very first detail the investigators will do, they will glimpse at clinical records to see if they fit the CDC definition of AFM,” Schaffner stated. “They will at the same time go to all of these individuals and make certain that they have the finest doable specimens to be despatched to lab to build viral diagnosis.”

If the little one who died experienced symptoms of viral infection, it may perhaps aid the CDC determine out if other kids are at chance for acquiring AFM, Schaffner stated.

“They will glimpse to see if they obtain proof of the virus in the anxious tissue,” Schaffner discussed.

In 2014, dozens of kids produced AFM close to the time an outbreak of a respiratory virus known as enterovirus D68 started out to unfold via the nation. In typical, selected enteroviruses, these types of as the polio virus, maximize the chance that individuals will acquire AFM. Having said that, after the 2014 enterovirus D68 outbreak, the CDC has not “constantly detected a pathogen” in the spinal fluid of infected individuals that joined the virus to AFM circumstances.

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WSOP Information: WSOPE A person Drop HR Vegas Composition Information No Nolan?

3 barrels from the Globe Collection of Poker including the A person Drop Superior Roller heading to King’s Casino the release of the forty eightth Annual WSOP Composition Sheet is out, and has Nolan Dalla worked at his closing WSOP?

The $111,111 A person Drop Superior Roller is likely to be 1 of the ten gold bracelet gatherings using area at the Kings Casino, Rozvadov, as aspect of the Globe Collection of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Pageant.

According to PokerListings scribe Dirk Oetzmann, Kings Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik introduced the news alongside with the admission that 31 players have registered.

The Huge Boys

Phil Ivey

Sam Trickett

Antonio Esfandiari

Daniel Cates

Paul Newey

Igor Kurganov

Quirin Zech

Tony G

Pierre Neuville

Fedor Holz

Andrew Pantling

Rob Yong

A person title missing from that list is Tsoukernik. The King’s Casino owner is a International Poker Index (GPI) European Poker Award (EPA) winner, and European Poker Tour (EPT) €50,000 Super Superior WSOP News: WSOPE One Drop HR Vegas Structure News No Nolan?Roller (SHR) winner. Tsoukernik took the SHR title right after beating forty nine entrants in December, and will certainly function in the A person Drop party.

The WSOP and A person Drop Basis first held the A person Drop Superior Roller as aspect of the 2014 WSOP festivities in Las Vegas. The party amassed a $seventeen,891,148 prize pool, and Tony Gregg topped a field of 166 entrants to acquire the $4.8m first prize.

The party returned in 2015 exactly where it created a $14,249,925 prize pool with $three,989,985 likely to Jonathan Duhamel right after he conquer a 135 sturdy field. And past yr, the party was bigger than at any time with 183 entrants producing a $19,316,565 prize pool and Fedor Holz took the $4,981,775 first prize.

It will be the first time the A person Drop Superior Roller has featured in a WSOPE Pageant. The 2017 tournament organisers will cap the party at 111 players, and Tsoukernik reported twenty ‘private people’ have also registered. I think that means ‘non-gurus,’ earning it an party the professionals will not want to pass up.

PokerListings also noted that there would be a Small A person for A person Drop, but no other tournament aspects were being produced.

Nolan Dalla to Go away the WSOP?

A person guy who won’t be at the WSOPE in Rozvadov is WSOP stalwart Nolan Dalla.

In a personalized web site write-up titled: 55 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me, created on his 55th birthday, Dalla defined he beverages wine each day, hates mushrooms, has fulfilled and spoken with Donald Trump four periods, is planning on writing a reserve more than the future 6 months, and has ‘probably’ worked at his past WSOP.

Previous yr, Dalla was accused of sexual harassment by Dr Jaclynn Moskow even though doing work for Poker Night time in The us (PNIA). The past I listened to on the issue the pair were being engaged in a lawful wrangle. The allegations surfaced in May and Dalla worked at the June WSOP as normal, so this news arrives as a surprise.

You can read Dalla’s web site write-up in whole, ideal listed here.

WSOP Buildings Are Out

The structure sheets for all 74 gatherings that make up the forty eightth Annual WSOP is out.

I have almost nothing witty or worthwhile to insert.

Below it is: click on listed here.




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&#039Patient Zero&#039 Didn&#039t Result in HIV Epidemic in US, New Examine Finds

The guy who was dubbed “patient zero” and prolonged considered by many to have kick-began the North American HIV/AIDS epidemic truly experienced tiny to do with the unfold of the virus, according to a new research posted nowadays the professional medical journal Nature that sheds new light-weight on how HIV emerged in the U.S.

Working with blood samples stored for decades and harnessing superior solutions to sequence the genome, the scientists, from many institutions together with the University of Arizona, had been equipped to reconstruct a extensive genome for 8 patients courting back again to 1978-1979.

The scientists applied genetic solutions to track and time the evolution of the genes of HIV and timed the emergence of HIV out of Africa to the Caribbean to 1967. As a end result, they found that the American epidemic originated in the Caribbean in 1970 right before arriving in the U.S.

Immediately after the ailment arrived in New York Town sometime among 1970 and 1974, the research information suggests that the ailment swiftly unfold from New York Town to the rest of the nation. The HIV epidemic that emerged in San Francisco in 1978 was traced to a single “introduction” from New York Town in 1976, according to the research conclusions.

In a further more revision to the historical narrative, scientists also found that just one patient frequently referred to as “patient zero” in media stories very likely experienced tiny to do with the unfold of the ailment, and that his notorious title was truly the end result of a typo.

For many several years, many experienced pointed to this “patient zero” as remaining instrumental in spreading the ailment in different parts of the U.S. The e book “The Band Performed On,” which documented the early times of the HIV disaster, sophisticated the tale by naming the patient and figuring out him as a French-Canadian flight attendant. Media protection then applied data from the e book to “strongly” insinuate this guy was the supply of the North American HIV epidemic, according to the research scientists.

Even so, just after inspecting his HIV genome, the research scientists found “patient zero’s” virus to be “common of U.S. strains at the time.” Subsequent analysis and new data on the period of time the virus could remain dormant also uncovered it was unlikely “Affected individual ” experienced prompted the HIV clusters to acquire. The scientists found that this man or woman experienced no “special role” in the epidemic.

Even the patient’s title was also the end result of a typo. In the data, he was truly labeled Affected individual “O” — indicating the patient was “Out[aspect]-of-California.”

Whilst HIV can now mainly be managed with day by day treatment, it is nevertheless liable for 1000’s of deaths just about every 12 months in the U.S. An approximated one.two million persons in the U.S. are contaminated with HIV and close to just one in 8 are unaware they have the virus, according to the U.S. Centers for Condition Regulate and Avoidance.

Though discrimination towards persons who have HIV nevertheless exists in some communities, teams are doing the job to break through the stigma and advocates claimed they hope this research can be a catalyst for improve.

Kelsey Louie, CEO of Homosexual Men’s Health Disaster, an HIV advocacy group, pointed out that HIV and AIDS teams have been contacting for action alternatively than just assigning blame.

“Society, and in particular the media, had been all way too eager to forged blame on a single man or woman, alternatively than mirror on the stigma they had been producing and the lack of political will to truly do a thing about the ailment,” Louie informed ABC News.

The federal govt suggests that all persons among the ages of fifteen and 65 be screened for HIV, no matter of risk elements. Repeated testing is instructed for persons at high risk, together with adult men who have sex with adult men, persons who use injection medicines, and those people who have been diagnosed with a distinct sexually transmitted infection. Men and women at risk for HIV can substantially decrease their risk through use of condoms, and for sure teams, taking a treatment day by day.

Dr. Alex Weller is a senior resident doctor in inner medicine at Rutgers-New Jersey Health care School in Newark, New Jersey, and a resident at the ABC News Health care Unit.

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