WATCH: Olivia Newton-John reveals that her breast cancer has returned

Transcript for Olivia Newton-John reveals that her breast cancer has returned

Moving on to our cove Stor singer-songwriter Olivia newton- John revealing he health btleghng can foa third time. She appeared one austlian V day night where was revealed thatdoctors fo a tumor at the base of her E and our frienisl optimistic as ever. Take a look I of millions in fit. I shouldn’t say five, on th rney. A lot of people see as a fight and H you choose to see , that isyour prerogative. I see it as part of — ever you ntcall it — I E it part of my mission, be. Did you tra? And still treating it an I’m treatig it naturally and doing well We R thing buthe best she is remaining optimis. Ve spokewith her over the years en you R this other ti, what comes to mispirit it depends. We need to remember there one two options. Secd primary whcan Haen as a result of certain tment or certain pele can have genetic defects that make them prone to multie types of canceror N be a spread or recurrence or stasis final cancer. Verycancer scenar what tnk it underscores thcancer noin many ca is a chronic conditionpeopleo live with it. Hey are always thinking ab it. Coming out in the backgrouwill it turn? Survllimportant. And we have a perfect example of at wi soon who is a world-renowned celebry. It in different ay when you face cancer you have to do what isbest for you. She is trying E hoc route and with cannabis oil. This is interesg. Inthe infancy of heing research and da T these medical marijuana or cannabis — D TRE differ types of terminology. It can get very confung. En we ar T medical marijuana, this does not the thc pshedelic copound that gives people a gh, so speak. It has been used and is being ied in erythingfrom Parkinson’s — there was and fda aproval forthe first sed drug to serve — treat certtypes F epilepsy. N syndromean wh I waan intern it was nts with AIDS for appetite stimulion. If you are co you to keep innd? First of approved ss yoed to know your options and treat thislike Y other prescription medicati D the years. Donleave it out randomly and you neto discuss is with your healthcare provider or team of healthcareoviders. Something I’ve often talked abouwhat you are facing physical but also mental. And she is her perspective D attitu. And that mind-body connection is really key. Thank you. Lets turn to that GM usive. Address S brigte Nielsen is talking about being new mom.

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ORYX Gaming expands content portfolio with Givme Games partnership

ORYX Gaming has agreed terms with Givme Games to implement a wide selection of online slots based on some of the most successful land-based games on the market. Games will be available via Oryx Games platform.

An exciting new player on the market, Givme Games are led by experienced professionals with years of experience in design, development and production of Casino style slot machines for industry leading global companies.ORYX Gaming expands content portfolio with Givme Games partnership

These new games added to the ORYX offering are lean, clean and mean classics with high volatility and playing mechanics players instantly recognize and love. Givme Games’ titles are designed for European and Asian players, but have also proven highly successful in other markets due to their universal superior gaming themes.

Dragon’s Gold, Egypt’s Treasure, Hot Hot 7 and Fruit King are just some of the titles to be included within the content partnership.

Matevz Mazij, ORYX Gaming CEO said: “Givme Games will be a welcome addition to our portfolio and we’re excited to see the results from a wide selection of classically-themed slots. Their experience from the land-based world will translate perfectly to deliver results to drive our business forward.”

About ORYX Gaming
ORYX Gaming is a leading turnkey solutions provider. The omni channel cross-product platform contains a mix of proprietary and 3rd party games for Casino, Slots, Live dealer content, Lottery, Poker, Virtual Sports and Instant game offerings. They offer the perfect blend of localized and exclusive content from the likes of ORYX, Gamomat, Kalamba, Golden Hero, Givme Games and a number of standard integrations such as Quickfire, Netent, NYX, EGT, Amatic and Isoftbet to collate 6000 aggregated world-class game titles.


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Sports betting Hall of Fame to induct 5 new members at Natural History Museum

The Sports Betting Hall of Fame recognises those people who have made an outstanding contribution to the betting and gaming industry over their careers.

Sports betting Hall of Fame to induct 5 new members at Natural History MuseumThis year’s Hall of Famers will be recognised as part of the Betting on Sports Week with the evening event taking place at the prestigious National History Museum on the evening of Thursday 20 September.

Betting on Sports Week delegates are all invited to this magnificent event, but if you for some reason cannot attend Betting on Sports during the day or want to invite your colleagues, there is still a chance for this.

You can book tickets at £150 each for this special evening event, which includes:
● Access to Sports Betting Hall of Fame Awards night and Betting on Sports Closing Party from 8:30pm – 2am
● Opportunity to network and make new contacts underneath the giant historic whale in the Natural History Museums Hintze Hall
● Complimentary beers and wine until around midnight
● Complimentary canapes, snacks and refreshments


This year will see the number of Hall of Fame inductees increase to five:
● Norbert Teufelberger, Co-founder & Former CEO, Bwin
● Pontus Lindwall, Founder & CEO, Betsson AB
● Constantinos Antonopoulos, Co-founder and Former CEO, Intralot
● Fabio Schiavolin, CEO, Snaitech
● Warwick Bartlett, Former Chairman of ABB, Founder of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC)


The Sports Betting Hall of Fame has been curated in order to recognise the individuals who have contributed a great deal to the industry over the course of their careers with a lasting legacy. It honours, preserves and perpetuates the names and outstanding accomplishments of personalities who have brought lasting fame to the sports betting sector.

The Natural History Museum in the heart of London is one of the most iconic buildings in the capital. Entering through the spectacular main into the magnificent Hintze Hall, a drinks and canapes reception will be held for all attendees of the Betting on Sports Week 2018, in what will be a truly memorable closing party.

Previous inductees include Pinnacle CEO Paris Smith, Sportingbet Founder Mark Blandford, Sportradar Founder Carsten Koerl, Betfred Founder Fred Done, BetConstruct Founder Vigen Badalyan and Bookmaker Technology Consortium director Howard Chisholm.

Constantinos Antonopoulos commented: “The industry brings a lot of joy and entertainment to its customers, but also needs to protect them through integrity transparency and social responsibility. So it is only right that the pioneers are called to pass their foresight and experience towards this great balance. It is for this reason I am thrilled to be asked to join the Sports Betting Hall of Fame and honoured to join the existing members.”

SBC CEO & Founder Rasmus Sojmark commented: “We have secured the iconic and beautiful Natural History Museum to celebrate the industry’s most iconic names. I am literally beyond words to describe how honoured we are here at SBC to be able to put together such an incredible experience for the industry, and at the same time close off the Betting on Sports Week in style.”

Entry to the Hall of Fame is included in every ticket for the Betting on Sports Conference and additional tickets for the extravaganza are also available from

The next Sports Betting Hall of Fame event will be held in 23 April in New York as part of the Betting on Sports America conference & exhibition.

For more information about Betting on Sports week, visit


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WATCH: 61-year-old CEO shares his tips for staying fit at any age

Transcript for 61-year-old CEO shares his tips for staying fit at any age

As summer ends and we get back to business many of us are king about kick-starting our health and fitness for iration chk this guy. He is 61 years and clearly — O way. He is a good friend of mine out with a new book about how we C the best spe of our lives anyhile still eating a little bitf ice crm. Eck it out 6:00.m. In midtown tan. Comeup. Reporter: These mostly 20 somethgs are grinding it out in a nearly hour-long boot camp. Two, one. Orter: Rig there in T thing of things that G is a 61-year-old. Prm in 2012 as a to transform his relationship W Last time, best time. Reporter: The crew trains healthy only is Zelnick ripped ugh toave graced the cover of en’sfitness” C E two interactivech ow such hits grand theft auto. Now he sng his90-day plan tojumpta your heath and in new book becoming gels the four secretso looking an feeng younger than ever. The Pilla is exercise. What I suggene take a walk for 15utes and then two days aeek for 1 min let’sdd T push-uefore the Slowly is a he principle.what are the other big ones. Eatinogram thats smart and sensible and Dr aroved that will give you more , make you more healthy and actual cause you to lose Weig Ian say I your defense this mans ice cream. I do. Of myigtakeaways, I ne doctor haveropriatescenings. That I part of LG gond the final piece is develop some spiritual life. Tank I a togethers a holistic approa. Age Wil no longer define you. If I could keep up with him E though he’s nearly ears older I agreed to hit the gym with him. Why a my so much lighte here we go. Looking good. Kind . Just two more times. I could it 15 times. Oh,good. Ook at his biceps look at his. It’s odd harder the fourth time in Reporter: 28 minutes I I was as I entered the later stages of MI 3-year-old E best Sha of my life. In do you thinkou be able to do looks like it D no sure. I have work to do. All right. Here’s the C thing. That was Strauss’ third T of THA day. Of the day? Of theday. He doesn’t do that day. Just B we were following him around with a came he’s able T — he’s so fit he could do it even thought’is third. When some might S weak this is actually what we see, Dan. We see strength and we Yes. With”rocky” played in the background.what did Y call ur Python. Python right here. I was going to say iw we wereff to a good start when you cald the kettlebell a bell. This is going to be a great workout, folks. I’m not that. Do you actually know how T use these. I didn’t until I W out withstrauss. You’re hdingt with one hand. Whs the apppriate — askauss. I have to say,he fact that he’s 61 and thatfie has — and we are he’seen the single biggest uence on myhealth es of anybody I’ve ever met that F 61, we can do it at age. Those pythons, hard to live up to. That’s right. We’ll Brit back. Keep it here. Go

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End Homophobic Bullying in Schools

By Sarah Emily Baum, 18, Staff Writer

September 10, 2018

After nine-year-old Jamel Myles of Denver came out as gay, his mother reports that he confided in his sister that his classmates allegedly told him to kill himself. On August 24th, he did.

According to his mother, Jamel was a happy kid who just wanted to make others happy too. When he came out to her this past summer, she says she reassured him that she still loved him. He said he wanted to come out at school, too, because he was proud of who he was.

In the aftermath of Jamel’s suicide, there has been an online outpouring of love and support for young LGBTQ students. But there’s also been a surge of criticism—not of Jamel’s bullies, but of Jamel’s coming out.

One Twitter user wrote, “9 years old and already claiming to be gay? What? I hate to break it to society but every 9 year old boy thinks girls are icky. A horrible tragedy that could have been prevented.”

Another user called Jamel “brainwashed,” adding, “No kid that just turn 9 is thinking about sexuality and or if he was gay or straight.”

These comments reveal a misunderstanding about sexual orientation, especially in young people. Being LGB isn’t an “adult” topic; many children experience same-sex attraction, which is not necessarily sexual attraction. It’s normal and healthy for kids of all sexual orientations to have “crushes.” It’s also normal and healthy for kids not to have “crushes.”

The important issue around Jamel’s suicide is not whether children can really know their sexual orientation. What we need to talk more about is creating safer school environments for LGB youth who face bullying. Eighty-five percent of LGBTQ students faced verbal harassment at school and over 57 percent of LGB students said they felt unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation, according to a 2015 survey from GLSEN. Being bullied is associated with an increase in the likelihood of suicidal feelings or behavior, according to a study conducted by Yale University, and LGB young people are five times as likely to attempt suicide as heterosexual teens, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

We can reduce suicide in LGBTQ youth by addressing homo-and transphobic bullying in schools. No child, regardless of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, should be made to feel lesser because of it. These conversations need to be happening in schools. Not addressing homo- and transphobic bullying isolates some of the most vulnerable young people. But honest, open and proactive conversations surrounding sexual orientation fosters a culture of acceptance, so that kids like Jamel never have to feel alone again.


If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please call The National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 for confidential support, or get help from a parent, teacher or friend. You are not alone.

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Wakayama sees 33 proposals for new integrated resort

Citizens of Yokohama, Japan, may not want a casino, but this won’t be a problem. There are plenty of other areas that are more than happy to receive a gambling operation and reap the rewards of the investment. One of these is Wakayama on Japan’s south central coast, which has already received 33 proposals for an integrated resort.

Wakayama sees 33 proposals for new integrated resortWakayama published a request for information (RFI) in August to gauge the response on resort construction. Regulators said they wanted to receive “ideas from domestic and overseas entities, regarding the resort-type IR which Wakayama Prefecture aims to introduce, including IR plans, investment intentions for related developments of [the] surrounding area, [and] measures to prevent adverse effects such as problem gambling.”

Plans involve building the resort on a man-made island measuring about 98.8 acres in Marina City. The island is already home to a couple of hotels, as well a theme park, and can easily support another venue that offers as many as 2,500 additional hotel rooms.

Seven of the proposals came from international companies, with the rest being submitted by domestic suitors. There is still a lot of work to be done, however, as Japan has yet to finalize where the initial three casino resorts will be located.

Wakayama is an ideal setting for a resort, but it is facing an uphill battle. There are three prefectures that are said to be the top contenders—Osaka, Yokohama and Tokyo—and the closest airport to Wakayama is the international airport in Osaka. However, since Yokohama citizens don’t seem to like the idea of a resort coming to their backyard, it might help Wakayama’s case. The prefecture’s governor, Yoshinobu Nisaka, has been told that its proximity to Osaka would not necessarily preclude it from being considered.

According to reports, around 40 municipalities would like to see an integrated resort as part of their landscape. Japan has already formed a Casino Administration Committee to oversee the selection process, as well as the regulation of gaming operators once the industry starts to bloom. That, however, is expected to not happen for at least another five to six years, following several vetting processes and resort construction.


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ComeOn applies for Swedish gaming licences

Gaming operator ComeOn, a Cherry AB (publ) – STO: CHER-B.ST subsidiary, has initiated its submission of applications to the Swedish Gambling Authority for licences for online gaming and betting in Sweden.

ComeOn applies for Swedish gaming licencesComeOn is a leading player in the expanding online gaming market via mobile, tablet and desktop, with well-known brands and strong positions, primarily in casino and sports betting. The company has operations in seven key markets, gaming licences in Malta, Schleswig-Holstein and United Kingdom, as well as a sports betting licence in Poland.

For further information, please contact:

Lahcene Merzoug, CEO,
Anders Antonsson, IR & Communications: +46 709 994 970,

This information was submitted for publication on 5 September 2018, at 4:00 p.m. CET.


Cherry is an innovative and fast-growing company within gaming, entertainment and media. Established in 1963, today Cherry operates through five diversified business areas: Online Gaming, Game Development, Online Marketing, Gaming Technology, and Restaurant Casino. The Group’s objective is to grow organically in combination with strategic acquisitions of fast-growing companies. Cherry employs some 1,400 people and has about 9,250 shareholders. The Company’s class B share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, Mid Cap segment. More information is available at


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Aspirin disappoints for avoiding first heart attack, stroke

Taking a low-dose aspirin every day has long been known to cut the chances of another heart attack, stroke or other heart problem in people who already have had one, but the risks don’t outweigh the benefits for most other folks, major new research finds.

Although it’s been used for more than a century, aspirin’s value in many situations is still unclear. The latest studies are some of the largest and longest to test this pennies-a-day blood thinner in people who don’t yet have heart disease or a blood vessel-related problem.

One found that aspirin did not help prevent first strokes or heart attacks in people at moderate risk for one because they had several health threats such as smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Another tested aspirin in people with diabetes, who are more likely to develop or die from heart problems, and found that the modest benefit it gave was offset by a greater risk of serious bleeding.

Aspirin did not help prevent cancer as had been hoped.

And fish oil supplements, also tested in the study of people with diabetes, failed to help.

“There’s been a lot of uncertainty among doctors around the world about prescribing aspirin” beyond those for whom it’s now recommended, said one study leader, Dr. Jane Armitage of the University of Oxford in England. “If you’re healthy, it’s probably not worth taking it.”

The research was discussed Sunday at the European Society of Cardiology meeting in Munich. The aspirin studies used 100 milligrams a day, more than the 81-milligram pills commonly sold in the United States but still considered low dose. Adult strength is 325 milligrams.


A Boston-led study gave aspirin or dummy pills to 12,546 people who were thought to have a moderate risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke within a decade because of other health issues.

After five years, 4 percent of each group had suffered a heart problem — far fewer than expected, suggesting these people were actually at low risk, not moderate. Other medicines they were taking to lower blood pressure and cholesterol may have cut their heart risk so much that aspirin had little chance of helping more, said the study leader, Dr. J. Michael Gaziano of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

One percent of aspirin takers had stomach or intestinal bleeding, mostly mild— twice as many as those on dummy pills. Aspirin users also had more nosebleeds, indigestion, reflux or belly pain.

Bayer sponsored the study, and many researchers consult for the aspirin maker. Results were published by the journal Lancet.


People with diabetes have a higher risk of heart problems and strokes from a blood clot, but also a higher risk of bleeding. Guidelines vary on which of them should consider aspirin.

Oxford researchers randomly assigned 15,480 adults with Type 1 or 2 diabetes but otherwise in good health and with no history of heart problems to take either aspirin, 1 gram of fish oil, both substances, or dummy pills every day.

After seven and a half years, there were fewer heart problems among aspirin users but more cases of serious bleeding, so they largely traded one risk for another.


The same study also tested omega-3 fatty acids, the good oils found in salmon, tuna and other fish. Supplement takers fared no better than those given dummy capsules — 9 percent of each group suffered a heart problem.

“We feel very confident that there doesn’t seem to be a role for fish oil supplements for preventing heart disease,” said study leader Dr. Louise Bowman of the University of Oxford.

The British Heart Foundation was the study’s main sponsor. Bayer and Mylan provided aspirin and fish oil, respectively. Results were published by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Other studies are testing different amounts and prescription versions of fish oil, “but I can’t tell people go spend your money on it; we think it’s probably better to eat fish,” said Dr. Holly Andersen, a heart disease prevention specialist at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell who was not involved in the study.

The new research doesn’t alter guidelines on aspirin or fish oil, said Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center and an American Heart Association spokeswoman. They recommend fish oil only for certain heart failure patients and say it’s reasonable to consider for people who have already suffered a heart attack.


Marilynn Marchione can be followed at @MMarchioneAP .


The Associated Press Health & Science Department receives support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Department of Science Education. The AP is solely responsible for all content.

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ORYX Gaming identifies further growth with Interwetten partnership

September 3rd 2018 – ORYX Gaming has agreed a content deal with Interwetten, a world-renowned sports betting operator.

ORYX Gaming identifies further growth with Interwetten partnershipInterwetten offers its customers a standout experience across pre-match betting, live betting, live casino and games – including classics such as Roulette and Blackjack.

As part of the content agreement, ORYX is to integrate a wide selection of proprietary casino content to accompany star performing titles from well-established partners Kalamba Games and Gamomat.

Gamomat’s Royal Seven XXL and Red Hot Firepot and Golden Nights Jackpot Games will be made available for Interwetten partners too.

Matevz Mazij, ORYX Gaming CEO said: “Interwetten delivers an outstanding iGaming experience and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them as a partner. Our very own titles will sit alongside some of our best performing third-party games and we are excited to see the results from the integration once we go live.”

Mario  Bilic, Gaming Manager at Interwetten said:ORYX has a fantastic range of in-house content alongside some of the best third-party titles and we’re certain these will deliver strong results for our business.”

About ORYX Gaming
ORYX Gaming is a leading turnkey solutions provider. The omni channel cross-product platform contains a mix of proprietary and 3rd party games for Casino, Slots, Live dealer content, Lottery, Poker, Virtual Sports and Instant game offerings.  They offer the perfect blend of localized and exclusive content from the likes of ORYX, Gamomat, Kalamba and a number of standard integrations such as Quickfire, Netent, NYX, EGT, Amatic and Isoftbet to collate 5000 aggregated world-class game titles.

About Interwetten

Interwetten offers the best online entertainment, with around 1.8 million customers from over 200 countries and a betting revenue of about 1.4 billion euros. In addition to classic sports betting the portfolio of Interwetten is complemented by a comprehensive live betting offer, casino, live casinos and a variety of exciting games.

The founding member of the European Gaming and Betting Association has been licensed in Malta by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) since 2005.  Interwetten has also  successfully completed licensing procedures in Italy, Spain, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and Ireland. In Germany, Interwetten has applied for a nationwide sports betting concession.


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Melco’s Studio City in Macau approved for smoking lounges

Studio City, a Macau resort operated by Melco Resorts, has become only the second casino resort authorized to provide smoking lounges in the city. The other casino property is Ponte 16, which received its approval in April.

Melco's Studio City in Macau approved for smoking loungesThe city’s Health Bureau revealed last Tuesday that it was approving the Melco request. All casinos that want to continue to offer on-site smoking must apply with the bureau. The smoking lounges have stricter requirements than before, and must be equipped with air extraction devices that are more effective than what is currently permitted under current regulations. After January 1, 2019, only those casinos who have received authorization will be allowed to offer smoking lounges.

According to several investment analysts, casino markets where on-site smoking has been 100% prohibited have seen a reduction in gross gaming revenue (GGR). However, the analysts emphasized that the reduction was only a temporary one, and that the GGR quickly began to climb after a brief lull.

Out of the 47 casinos and slot parlors in Macau, 13 have already applied for authorization to operate the updated smoking lounges, according to a report by the Health Bureau this week. Earlier in August, only 11 had applied. The 13 venues were not identified by name, but the bureau indicated that they had filed a total of 107 requests—39 more than what had been submitted until the end of July.

Venues have until September 28 to submit their requests if they’re to be approved before the city’s new smoking regime goes into effect next January. The Health Bureau said that the September 28 deadline was necessary to allow time for inspections of the smoking lounges.

Smoking on casino mass floors was banned by the Macau government in October 2014; however, an exception for smoking lounges that didn’t offer gaming activity was made. Any smoking lounges still operating after January 2019, if they don’t comply with the new regulations, can result in the operator receiving a fine of up to $24,747. For the first six months of 2018, 436 smoking-related site inspections were conducted by the health Bureau, compared to 312 during the same period last year.


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