WATCH: 35 reported cases of E. coli linked to romaine lettuce: CDC

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  • Now Playing: Belly fat is bad for your heart, researchers say

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  • Now Playing: CDC warns: Throw out store-bought chopped romaine lettuce

  • Now Playing: Woman says her doctor told her she was just fat, when in fact she had cancer

  • Now Playing: Even a mild head injury increases risk for Parkinson’s disease, veterans study shows

  • Now Playing: Meet the teacher who lost 100 pounds, then ran the Boston Marathon

  • Now Playing: Moms who have depression early on may have kids with lower IQ scores: Study

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  • Now Playing: Is caffeine good for your heart?

  • Now Playing: Could caffeine be good for your heart?

  • Now Playing: 35 reported cases of E. coli linked to romaine lettuce: CDC

  • Now Playing: ESPN host opens up about endometriosis battle

  • Now Playing: Man who lost 100 pounds to run Boston Marathon

  • Now Playing: New study finds as little as one drink a day could shorten your life expectancy

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  • Now Playing: New study in mice explores how breast cancer surgery may trigger cancer spread

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  • Now Playing: Mariah Carey’s announcement puts new spotlight on bipolar II disorder

  • Now Playing: Later school start times help teens’ moods, study says

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