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Winamax acquires Bet-at-home’s Italian market concession

winamax-bet-at-home-italy-online-pokerFrench online poker operator Winamax has made a big bet that Italian politicians won’t block plans to share poker liquidity among European Union regulated markets.

This week, Italian gaming affiliate Agipro News reported that Winamax had acquired the Italian online gambling concession of Bet-at-home, the German subsidiary of French operator Betclic Everest Group. The report offered no indication what price Winamax paid to obtain the concession, nor why Bet-at-home decided la dolce was no longer so vita.

Winamax’s French-licensed site withdrew its services from Italy in 2015 due to “the Italian legislation on gaming.” But recently, Winamax has signalled its eagerness to return to the Boot, including the signing this month of a sponsorship deal with Mustapha Kanit, Italy’s all-time live poker tournament winner.

Winamax’s renewed interest in Italy’s online poker market isn’t necessarily based on how the market is currently performing. Online poker has been on a negative trajectory for some time, posting another 10% year-on-year revenue decline in 2016, although recent monthly figures have been slightly more encouraging.

No, Winamax’s interest is more likely due to the online poker liquidity sharing deal signed this summer between Italy and three other EU regulated online gambling markets: France, Portugal and Spain. None of these poker markets is particularly thriving (unless your name is PokerStars), and licensees in all four nations are expecting a performance boost from the deal.

But Italy’s participation in this fearsome foursome is anything but assured. Earlier this month, some Italian politicians began making noises about “an immediate intervention” intended to “prevent the continuation of this project,” which they claim will increase money laundering activity while decreasing consumer protections.

Winamax appears suitably confident that Italy will go ahead with the deal as written. Italy’s government was supposed to open a tender for new online gambling licenses in September but this process has met with as-yet unexplained delays. These new licenses reportedly won’t take effect until early next year but Winamax apparently isn’t interested in waiting.


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Calling the Clock: GPL India; a billion WPT dollars, and more

In this week’s poker news round-up we remind you that Alex Dreyfus is going to be spending more time in India, the World Poker Tour reached a landmark moment at the Legends of Poker, and much more. 

There is nothing monotheist about the Global Poker League (GPL). After Season One pulled in eight million viewers, Alex Dreyfus didn’t rest on his laurels and push out a half-baked Season Two.

First came GPL China.

This week, we had GPL India.

Presently, information is scarce, but we do know there will be six competing teams covering the vastness of the world’s second most populous country.

There is no word on franchise ownership, but we do know that the teams will fill with players from the India Global Poker Index (GPI) rankings, and amateurs will also get the opportunity to qualify for a place in the league.

Dreyfus also announced, for the first time I believe, that there will be a GPL World Championships. The winner of GPL India will represent the nation in that event.

How long before we have live GPL coverage on PokerGO, only a matter of time, surely?

But before the inevitable happens, PokerGO has more original programming to fill up the virtual shelf space with the launch of Major Wager. 

The reality TV show runs for five episodes starting early September. Podcast prince, Joey Ingram, acts as host, but the stars of the show are Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Brian Rast, Jeff Gross, and Samantha Abernathy.

Calling the Clock: GPL India; a billion WPT dollars, and moreThese poker porcupines will be facing off against each other in a series of challenges including pole dancing, street performing, and golf. Poker Central teamed up with New York’s finest Roundhead Creative on the project.

World Poker Tour Billionth Hand; Brazil, and Reno 

Moving from one PokerGO act to another and the World Poker Tour (WPT) debuted on the digital media channel with live streaming of the final of the WPT Legends of Poker, and what a final table it was.

Double WPT Champions, JC Tran, and “Mad” Marvin Rettenmaier joined the new Raw Deal host, Phil Hellmuth Jr. 763 players entered the event making it the second largest in event history, at the time of writing, both Tran and Hellmuth are still in the mix with four players remaining in contention for the $668,692 first prize and a seat in the season-ending Tournament of Champions.

The event was also the hotspot for the one billionth dollar paid out in WPT history. The honour went to the rookie T.J.Shepherd who received $10,405 after Allen Le eliminated him in 47th place. Shepherd earns a seat in the 2018 WPT Legends of Poker as a show of appreciation.

In other WPT news, the first-ever WPT Brazil was a resounding success. Raphael Francisquetti defeated 3,386 entrants to win the R$781,546 first prize. And Tony Piscitelli beat 264 competitors to capture the $56,468 first prize in the WPTDeepstacks Reno Summer Main Event.

PokerStars Sponsors the StreamBoat, Amend Online Satellite Rules, And Launch Personalised Videos 

PokerStars was also busy this week.

The largest online poker room this side of North Korea agreed to sponsor Bill Perkins’ StreamBoat 2, and give six lucky punters the opportunity to win a trip on board his luxury yacht through a series of online home games and a freeroll.

PokerStars employees Jeff Gross, Kevin Martin, Jaime Staples, and his brother Matt join Perkins on his maritime mission. All five of them will host online Home Games on PokerStars where you can win a berth on board the StreamBoat.

Check the article out for further details.

The PokerStars Championship Barcelona ended with a beautiful story after warehouse worker Sebastian Sorensson took down the Main Event for €987,043. The PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo winner, Raffaele Sorrentino came third. Andre Akkari was fifth. Pavel Plesuv won the €25k Single Re-Entry for €406,300, with Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique finishing fifth for €129,350. Ronny Kaiser won the €10k High Roller for €735,000, and Sylvian Loosli took down the €10k Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller for €236,400.

Sorensson secured his million dollar score after winning a seat in a $215 online satellite, and more are bound to follow after PokerStars changed the rules this week. With immediate effect, players can only win a single package and seat to a live event, meaning the pros won’t be able to edge out the recreational players as quickly as they have done in the past.

Finally, PokerStars partnered with Treepodia to launch PokerStars Winning Moments, a personalised video that helps you relive the memories of your virtual achievements. The videos will be handed out to select final table attendees during the World Championship of Poker (WCOOP). The ultimate goal is to provide them to anyone who records an ITM finish 100x buy-in level.

Check out the finer details, and get a look at an example video right here.

Partypoker Release Powerfest Schedule, Sponsor Charity Event, and Ambassador Leonard in Trouble 

partypoker has released the finer details of the upcoming Powerfest festival.

The online poker room is offering $35m in guaranteed prize money, spread over 330 games, including 12 Championship events, with over $13m guaranteed. There are also four incredible promotions, and you can up on the nitty gritty, right here.

Charity will be at the forefront of people’s minds when they visit the Gleneagles Hotel in Killarney for the partypoker Grand Prix in early September. Spearheaded by partypoker Ambassador Padraig Parkinson, and working alongside the Cue Club, and Northern/Celtic Poker, the group will hold a €120 buy-in charity event with the proceeds earmarked for Dublin’s Capuchin Centre, and Pieta House, the Suicide and Self-Harm Crisis Centre.

And finally, partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard made a deep run in the PokerStars Championship Barcelona Main Event, finishing 40th, but perhaps he should stick to partypoker LIVE events.

Leonard hit the headlines after appearing to angle Luigi Shehadeh in a hand played around the time of the money bubble. PokerStars circulated a video of the clip, and PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu pinned a poll on the incident at the head of his Twitter account.

I write about the whole sorry mess, right here. 

Bits and Bobs 

888 was hit with a hefty $10m penalty from the UK Gambling Commission after it came to light that the online gambling company allowed 7,000 self-excluded players to continue depositing and playing. 888 denied the issue was revenue related, and instead stated it was a ‘technical glitch.’

The ‘technical glitch’ occurred between Oct 2015 & Sep 2016, and the money deposited was in the region of $3.5m. Those who dumped their cash on the site will see it returned.

Jeremy Meachem took down the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Main Event in Foxwoods for $156,735. Hakim Zoufri won the WSOPC Rotterdam High Roller for €69,888. And Russell Betts won the Unibet Uk Poker Tour Nottingham Main Event for £8,966.

If you’re interested in playing poker using cryptocurrency, then check out the piece I wrote about Cash Poker Pro, and Dominik Nitsche was our guest on Poker Routines this week.

Time ladies & gentlemen, please.

Someone has just called the clock.


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What do the customers of online poker rooms need and want?

Inspired by Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar, Lee Davy shares his thoughts on the needs and wants of online poker players.

I used to wake up at the crack of dawn, and play four tables of Rush Poker before driving into work for 12-hours of drudgery.

How times change.

These days, I wake up at the crack of dawn and feed my nine-month-old daughter before sitting in my office writing things like this.

I liked playing Rush Poker.

What do the customers of online poker rooms need and want?I love feeding my daughter.

Nine-month-old children are relatively easy to feed. Yes, they get more up their nose than in their mouth if you are practising baby led feeding, but when it comes to choice, there is no menu. She eats anything, including doormats drenched in cat urine, cheap detergent, and Brussel sprouts.

In time, she will become more complicated. The marketers of the world will bombard her with 10,000 subliminal messages per day, and she will go from being uncomplicated to a living nightmare.

And one day, she will wake up at the crack of dawn and may decide to play four tables of Rush Poker.

It depends on her needs.

It depends on her wants.

And I have been thinking about needs and wants as I plod through Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar (The best $500 bucks I have ever spent), thinking about how they apply to poker.

What do People Want?

Slipping their snapshot of the world underneath the cellophane of some else’s photo album is a mistake inexperienced marketers make. Marketing is not a violin concerto. Think of it more like an orchestra, with everyone playing a different instrument.

And don’t ask people what instrument they want to play.

They don’t have a clue.

Even those who believe they know what they want bury the treasure underneath layers and layers of subtlety. If you operate an online poker room and someone turns up to play on your site just because you run an online poker room, then you are in trouble.

Someone will come along and offer the same thing, and then, if you don’t have a point of differentiation aligning with the needs and wants of your customers, then price becomes king, and in poker, the rake is the price.

But, nobody cares about the rake.

They say they do, but they don’t.

If someone created an online poker room that was trustworthy, put the wants and needs of their customer ahead of EBITDA, whose liquidity ensured life-changing money, and whose game selection and type allowed the money of the weaker players to last longer, then you wouldn’t care one iota about the rake.

As Seth Godin says:

“Price is the last refuge of a marketer who can’t figure out how to move up the hierarchy of what people need and want.”

No More Surveys Please

Last week I wrote an article called PokerStars join Discord; Eric Hollreiser Features in AMA.

Have a read.

It was a decision that the poker media treated like an unrepaired leak. Ignored by everyone except the in-house PokerStars blogging team, and yet I think it’s going to turn out to be as revolutionary as 888Poker’s decision to introduce shot clocks in 888Live events.

How often have PokerStars made changes to changes, after receiving feedback from players, leaving you wondering why on earth they didn’t understand the needs and wants of their players in the first place?

The answer was always:

“Our survey results showed…”

 Forget survey results.

They don’t tell you shit because people don’t know what they want or what they need.

What PokerStars need is a way to observe, and listen to their customers, living. It’s important to hear what they have to say about poker, but that only gets you to the wants. The gold is in the needs and to find those you need to know that one of your players gets up at the crack of dawn to play Rush Poker because he is ashamed, believing he plays too much, and doesn’t want his wife to know.


I am unsure about the inner workings of Discord. From what I can gather it’s a voice and text chat space create so gamers can interact when they play. I am not sure if PokerStars can see these conversations, but if they can, it’s perfect.

In the past, the online poker rooms have tried to hang out where their prospective and current customers hang out, and this primarily led them to open up discussion channels on other people’s forums.

It has been a disaster.

If you don’t control the culture of a forum, then it can be disastrous for your brand image, as PokerStars found out during the Supernova Elite changes.

The best way to understand needs and wants is to create a community forum that imbues the culture you want to flow throughout your company. You cannot be all things to all people. But just like 888Poker has declared to poker players, if you want to play an event where there is no stalling then come to an 888Live event you can position yourself to serve the ones who want and need the same things as you.

Eric Hollreiser’s appearance in the Discord AMA is a step towards rebuilding tarnished trust. Now, I would like to see them, and every other online poker room, become even more synergistic with their customers, by creating a truly vibrant and rocking culture where needs and wants are discussed on a daily basis without people even knowing they are doing so.


Create a bloody forum.

Control the culture of that forum.




Now, that’s enough rambling from me; I have to clean the Tahini from my nine-month old’s ear, and take her to her Sing & Sign class; a place where like-minded people converge to discuss the needs and wants of mothers, fathers, and children, where I am hoping poker passes as one or the other.



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WSOP Information: WSOPE A person Drop HR Vegas Composition Information No Nolan?

3 barrels from the Globe Collection of Poker including the A person Drop Superior Roller heading to King’s Casino the release of the forty eightth Annual WSOP Composition Sheet is out, and has Nolan Dalla worked at his closing WSOP?

The $111,111 A person Drop Superior Roller is likely to be 1 of the ten gold bracelet gatherings using area at the Kings Casino, Rozvadov, as aspect of the Globe Collection of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Pageant.

According to PokerListings scribe Dirk Oetzmann, Kings Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik introduced the news alongside with the admission that 31 players have registered.

The Huge Boys

Phil Ivey

Sam Trickett

Antonio Esfandiari

Daniel Cates

Paul Newey

Igor Kurganov

Quirin Zech

Tony G

Pierre Neuville

Fedor Holz

Andrew Pantling

Rob Yong

A person title missing from that list is Tsoukernik. The King’s Casino owner is a International Poker Index (GPI) European Poker Award (EPA) winner, and European Poker Tour (EPT) €50,000 Super Superior WSOP News: WSOPE One Drop HR Vegas Structure News No Nolan?Roller (SHR) winner. Tsoukernik took the SHR title right after beating forty nine entrants in December, and will certainly function in the A person Drop party.

The WSOP and A person Drop Basis first held the A person Drop Superior Roller as aspect of the 2014 WSOP festivities in Las Vegas. The party amassed a $seventeen,891,148 prize pool, and Tony Gregg topped a field of 166 entrants to acquire the $4.8m first prize.

The party returned in 2015 exactly where it created a $14,249,925 prize pool with $three,989,985 likely to Jonathan Duhamel right after he conquer a 135 sturdy field. And past yr, the party was bigger than at any time with 183 entrants producing a $19,316,565 prize pool and Fedor Holz took the $4,981,775 first prize.

It will be the first time the A person Drop Superior Roller has featured in a WSOPE Pageant. The 2017 tournament organisers will cap the party at 111 players, and Tsoukernik reported twenty ‘private people’ have also registered. I think that means ‘non-gurus,’ earning it an party the professionals will not want to pass up.

PokerListings also noted that there would be a Small A person for A person Drop, but no other tournament aspects were being produced.

Nolan Dalla to Go away the WSOP?

A person guy who won’t be at the WSOPE in Rozvadov is WSOP stalwart Nolan Dalla.

In a personalized web site write-up titled: 55 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me, created on his 55th birthday, Dalla defined he beverages wine each day, hates mushrooms, has fulfilled and spoken with Donald Trump four periods, is planning on writing a reserve more than the future 6 months, and has ‘probably’ worked at his past WSOP.

Previous yr, Dalla was accused of sexual harassment by Dr Jaclynn Moskow even though doing work for Poker Night time in The us (PNIA). The past I listened to on the issue the pair were being engaged in a lawful wrangle. The allegations surfaced in May and Dalla worked at the June WSOP as normal, so this news arrives as a surprise.

You can read Dalla’s web site write-up in whole, ideal listed here.

WSOP Buildings Are Out

The structure sheets for all 74 gatherings that make up the forty eightth Annual WSOP is out.

I have almost nothing witty or worthwhile to insert.

Below it is: click on listed here.




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Contacting the clock: Periods in session Sexy studs and a lot more

We will commence this week’s poker news spherical-up, Stateside, and the possibility that on line poker could be sent back to the dark ages.

Calling the clock: sessions in session sexy studs and moreThis 7 days, the Senate, grilled Donald Trump’s top rated decide on for United States Legal professional Normal, Jeff Periods, and the Alabama male expressed his shock of the choice by the Section of Justice (DOJ) to permit on line gambling to emerge post-2011.

Fortunately, Periods recommendation that the new DOJ could revisit the 2011 Wire Act interpretation was hidden among other a lot more heated matters these types of as his denial that he likes to costume in white and wear pointed hats with the phrases ‘KKK’ emblazoned in blood, that ‘waterboarding’ is a good strategy and his sights on same-sex relationship and abortion.

Although all of that nonsense was ongoing there were a number of other breaking news tales in the planet of American poker. The Entire world Poker Tour (WPT) obtained the property of the WPTDeepStacks Poker Tour three yrs soon after the pair jumped into bed alongside one another, Kathy Leibert instructed Matt Savage that she believed his choice to make Will Kassouf a Taking pictures Star was ‘ridiculous,’ and Benjamin Gonzva and Andres Korn arrived out on top rated of the WPT Nationwide Key Functions in Cambodia and Thailand.

The Entire world Series of Poker (WSOP) declared a lot more essential dates and gatherings for the 48th Annual jaunt to the desert, including 6 flagship gatherings for the 6 weekends in concern. The world’s top rated poker forum TwoPlusTwo were on the stop of a stability breach when more than 400,000 members experienced their particular knowledge stolen all through a hack. And a group of scientists from Universities in Alberta and Prague gazumped the College of Carnegie Mellon’s race to become the 1st creator of Synthetic Intelligence to defeat human opposition in No-Limit Hold’em when an algorithm recognised as ‘Deepstack’ defeat a group of players including the likes of Phil Laak, Fintan Gavin, and Luca Moschitta.

Partypoker News

Partypoker built a number of waves this 7 days when they declared strategies to slash ties with the WPT and create an independent are living international poker tour known as partypoker Live. Every party will have the Thousands and thousands brand name as the centrepiece. The 1st party takes spot in Montreal in May with a lot of a lot more locations prepared in the upcoming.

And Padraig Parkinson turned the most recent addition to the partypoker ambassadorial group when he was selected to become the face of partypoker in Eire. Parkinson will wear the patch at The Northern Cup, Grand Prix Cork, and Thousands and thousands party in Dusk till Dawn.

Poker Position News

The Worldwide Poker Index (GPI) confirmed that the demo algorithm employed for the 2016 WSOP Player of the 12 months (POY) and GPI POY marathons would be rolled out across all GPI leaderboards including the GPI Entire world Rankings. The new algorithm benefits players who run deep in substantial area gatherings, and the minimal qualifying number for POY points elevated to fields of 32 or a lot more.

And 2016 GPI and Card Player POY, David Peters, is the new GPI planet number a single soon after knocking Fedor Holz off his perch for the 1st time in 30-successive weeks.

The World’s Sexiest Male Poker Players

 Peters also confirmed up in our poll to identify the world’s sexiest male poker players. Lee Davy resolved to reply this all-important concern soon after The Every day Star ran a piece carrying the headline is Melanie Weisner The Sexiest Poker Player on the World?

fifty three poker players gave their see sixty seven% of which were male, and 41 different tremendous-studs acquired a wink and a wolf whistle. You can discover out who is setting coronary heart beats racing at are living poker tournaments appropriate right here.

Paul Phua, PPIPoker and PokerStars

Eventually, Paul Phua shocked every person by opening an on line poker education website this 7 days. It’s not like he needs the income. The Poker Players International and Tain joined forces to start a new authentic income on line poker place known as PPIPoker.internet. And PokerStars busted out their new Championship are living tournament series in the Bahamas.

Previously recognised as the PCA, the PokerStars Championships in the Bahamas welcomed famous people these types of as Kevin Hart, Aaron Paul, and Sergio Garcia. But the undisputed star of the show as a result much has been Bryn Kenney.

The New York Rounders main concluded seventh in the $100k Super High Roller for $275,060, gained the $50,000 High Roller for $969,075, and adopted up with victory in the 1st-ever $twenty five,500 High Roller with a Shot Clock for $392,876.

The $twenty five,000 Pot-Limit Omaha experiment looks to be more than before it is even begun soon after only four players confirmed up to enjoy. Isaac Haxton and Ben Tollerene chopped the winning purse for a min-income every single.

And 16 players remain from a area of 738 entrants in the Key Occasion. There is $480,012 up top rated and Michael Gentili qualified prospects a area that incorporates the likes of Cliff Josephy, Ryan Riess, and Jason Mercier.

Time ladies & gentlemen,

Somebody has just known as the clock.



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The Bank of Timex returns in the variety of PokerShares

The Bank of Timex is back again just after a facelift as Mike McDonald guarantees to present the poker local community odds on any poker wager they fancy with PokerShares.

The Bank of Timex returns in the form of PokerSharesA few years just after the walls of the Bank of Timex arrived crashing down amid problem about developing also promptly, also speedy and drawing the awareness of American lawful eagles Mike McDonald is back again supplying value for individuals hunting to wager on poker.

The Bank of Timex commenced mainly because McDonald assumed the follow of professionals promoting their action for absurdly large, and generally inaccurate mark-ups, was ‘stupid.’ The previous European Poker Tour (EPT) Player of the 12 months and reigning World Poker League (GPL) champion even now retains that look at, and he is back again to do one thing about it.

McDonald has launched PokerShares a web site deemed the ‘go-to platform for betting on all things poker.’

Talking of the launch McDonald said:

“The poker investment financial state is terrifying for buyers. The most attractive horses are commonly well outside the buyer’s network. Sellers choose no matter what premiums they want and sell even if the broad majority of buyers imagine they’re unfair. Furthermore, the consumer has to rely on they are heading to be paid.”

The new web site is in beta manner. You will need to have to supply a utility monthly bill and a variety of identification to sign-up for an account. PokerShares now operates in euros but will include a lot more forex possibilities in the long term. Gamers based mostly in The united states are shit out of luck.

The feed-back on social media has been pretty supportive.

It even handed the Jason Mo litmus take a look at

Brandon Adams thinks it is the major poker tale in a long while

Sunday Million PokerStars Championships AI v Humans

The present betting possibilities make it possible for you to get in on the action on the PokerStars Sunday Million and Sunday Supersonic. There are also a ton of betting possibilities for the inaugural PokerStars Championships in the Bahamas. And there are even novelty bets these kinds of as odds on the Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping The Ante celebration in Rivers On line casino with a €100 wager on the people netting you a €30 profit with odds of one.thirty. And a line on the Cate Hall v Mike Dentale wager with Cate Hall now the favourite one.75 v 2.25.

The thing that will established PokerShares aside will be their exceptional ‘request a bet’ attribute. McDonald has promised that PokerShares will be the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things poker betting and he is a male of his word. The new attribute makes it possible for you to talk to the PokerShares team to give you a cost on any wager in poker and they will deliver the action you wish.

Mike McDonald isn’t the only poker participant offering value to poker players in the gambling space. The Welsh all-time reside match funds earner, Roberto Romanello, just lately launched betclever, a sporting activities betting odds comparison app that presents punters with the finest available cost inside five seconds of enquiry.

If you want even further information on both challenge below is the way to get



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