WATCH: Nutritionist shares her best diet tips to help boost your workouts

Transcript for Nutritionist shares her best diet tips to help boost your workouts

you I you you. And we are back now on “Gma” with simple secrets to boost your workout. I’m here with registered nutritionist and a spokesperson for kefir. We have to start with strong bones. We can get it through nutrition. It’s really important for everyone to have good bone health. Okay, so we have some foods here that will improve bone health. Salmon, almonds and kale. These have strong nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous partnered with exercise can help reduce your risk of osteoporosis, isn’t it crazy, absolutely nuts so when you partner those together you can reduce your risk of osteoporosis. They seem to show up on everything. These are super foods. Do this. When you’re done working out. People don’t know this. You do need to refuel. It’s Sporn to refuel with carbohydrates and protein. Livway kefir has carbohydrates and protein but a cool part is it has 12 live and active cultures in it which help the absorption of carbohydrates in protein so the carbs help refuel the body and protein helps to repair the muscle. Plus, a really even cool fact, is that this has natural electrolytes in it which will help the hydration get into the cells. After you’ve gotten all that out in your hard workout. We have it in the morning too so livway kefir is amazing any time of day. We have our amazing audience. They will help us out. I know they’re over there. This is Kelly’s choice. This is the power five. Power five. And so everybody, how many fingers do you have? All: Five. This is how you can remember. Protein, we have vegetables, we have fruits and we have dairy and also we have our whole grains, okay. So by getting in the power of five, it’s going to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals and nutrition you need all day long. It’s so simple. It’s so simpf? We’ve heard it before but feels like I’ve got to do it today because Kelly said so. So totally easy. You don’t have to be a four day chef. Everyone thinks dietitians are chefs but they’re not. Cucumber, tomato, apple, glass of milk, that simple. Thanks so much. Kelly. Thank you all. We’ll all be healthy today. Mike: Good morning.

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