WATCH: Flu season one of the worst in nearly a decade, officials say

Transcript for Flu season one of the worst in nearly a decade, officials say

Next, this evening, new concerns over the deadly flu epidemic. Doctors in the northeast say the rapid flu tests that help diagnose know quickly are now in short supply, as well. And in New Hampshire tonight, a mother of four dying of flu complications. She had decided against taking ant anti-viral medication. Here’s ABC’s linsey Davis, on this again tonight. Reporter: Hospitals and clinics across the country now trying to stave off what officials are calling the worst one of the worst flu seasons in nearly a decade with the best defense possible — free flu shots. In New York — would you categorize this as a severe flu season? Yes, it is severe now. It certainly is severe now. Reporter: Nearly 8,000 confirmed cases of the flu last week in New York state. Close to 2,000 patients hospitalized. This doctor tells us those rapid tests used to quickly diagnose the flu are in short supply in the New York area. Most urgent care centers don’t have them and the major suppliers can’t provide them right now. I’m just feeling exhausted. You know, I still got achy pains right now. Reporter: Ronald Townsend was just diagnosed with the flu today. Yeah, I took the flu shot this year and I caught the flu. Reporter: One of the latest victims, 35-year-old Amanda king, a mother of four from new Hampshire. She was just getting rest and fluids and doing everything she thought was right. Reporter: Her family says she didn’t take anti-viral medication because she worried about the side effects. Two days later, she got sicker. She died on the way to the hospital. This has been such a horrific flu season. We know doctors recommend the ant anti-viral drugs, to lessen the symptoms of the flu. And linsey, I wanted to get back to that patient who had a flu shot, still got the flu. Doctors have told us that even if you have the shot and still get it, that the vaccine often helps knock down the severity of the flu once you do get it? Reporter: That’s correct, David. Doctors say even when you get the flu shot, if it doesn’t prevent the flu, it can lessen the see theirty of the flu and keep up out of the hospital. David? All right, linsey Davis with us tonight.

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