WATCH: Doctor viewing HGTV's 'Beachfront Bargain Hunt' spots possible thyroid cancer on part

Transcript for Doctor viewing HGTV’s ‘Beachfront Bargain Hunt’ spots possible thyroid cancer on part

tonight to a doctor’s instincts ck in W watching HGTV. What T surgeon noticed on a woman’s neck. Then reaching out toind her. Here Eva pilgrim. My name is Nico Reporter: That’s Nicole Mcguiness, featured on recent episode of HGTV’s “Bfront bargain Hu the 31-year-oldebrating the end of brain cancer treatment, starting a new chapter with a house in North Carolina. Wow. Reporter: But one those viewers, Dr. Eric Voigt, quickly spotted something. I noticed that shd in her neck. Repr: So, hened to Facebook to find her. I recommended she gets a sonond a biopsy. Repr:n days, th post reaching Nicole, who went to the doctor and learned she had thyrca R. Voigt saw this and brought it to M action and now I’ll be treated for it Reporter: And it’s not the fitime an eagle-eyed HGTV viewer noticed something and took action. 01 a nurse spotted a lump on the neck of tarek el Moussa, star”flip or flop.”she reacheout to el Moussa, who diagnosed and successfully treated for cancer as for Nicole, she’s optimistic. It’stmirae, in my opinion, that happened to see this on television. I can’t express how gratef am. Her treatment th her doctors, and is staying in touch with Dr. Voig David? Thanks to thatoctor tonight. All right, eva,nk Yo en we come back, that

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