WATCH: Boy with congenital heart defect becomes a chef for a day

Transcript for Boy with congenital heart defect becomes a chef for a day

Today is our sponsor Macy’s national believe day when they offer double donations $2 instead of every $1 for every letter to Santa up to an additional million dollars and all that will benefit children with life-threatening medical conditions, take a look at how they helped make a wish come true for a boy born with congenital heart disease who also dreamed of being a chef. Hi, my name is Josh. Aisle 8 years old and I like to cook. ??? Reporter: This culinary cutie loves to whip up recipes with his mom. He’s probably going to outshine me very, very quickly in the kitchen. When I grow up I want to be a chef. Reporter: But his little story started with a not so sweet beginning. Joshua was born with severe congenital heart defects and had three surgeries before he turned 40 years old. Reporter: Now his heart is beating strong and thanks to make a wish. My wish was to become a chef for a day. ??? Reporter: He’s getting a tasty surprise from world famous celebrity chef Marcus Samuelson at his New York City restaurant red rooster. Here’s a chef hat. Here’s a chef jacket. You and I are going to cook together. It says Joshua right there. Are you ready? All right. High-five. Go, Joshua. Reporter: On today’s menu, pasta Bolognese. ??? Chef, Josh is amazing. He is a really fast learner. You can tell he enjoyed cooking because he was always curious and wanted to smell every ingredient. He wanted to be there every step of the way. ??? Fireball ??? ??? you are the future ??? To know what he’s been through to get to experience something like this is just — Absolutely incredible. Right. Such a tiny thing for us but it’s a big deal for the family and any time you can do that during the holidays you should. Thank you, Marcus and Macy’s and make-a-wish. ??? You are the future ??? What a cutie. Josh and his family joined us Thursday on the “Gma” set for a behind the scenes tour. So much fun meeting everybody there. There we are. I like the Penn state sweatshirt of course and Michael and robin. It was a wonderful experience and please, guys, remember to get those wish letters in a Macy’s mailbox nationwide or submit one online today if you want it to count as double the donation. Thank you so much, Macy’s. And can you go to our website to learn more about national believe day. Please do so.

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