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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

By Carley Campbell, 17, Staff Writer

August 30, 2018

It’s that time of year again. Back to school, back to the mall for clothes shopping. For me, trying on clothes can generate feelings of awkwardness and self-loathing. If it looks a little tight on the rack, forget about it. Too big on the rack? Too much for me.

Like most people, my size changes depending on the store I go to. A medium in one store is a large in another. Clothes shopping can be like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s a challenge to find something just right. Especially right when school starts. There’s so much focus on wardrobe. Dress codes, new trends and of course, gym class. It’s enough to make you wish for summer vacation again!

I know I’m not the only teenager who can feel this way. You too might feel like you’re too short, too thin, too tall, too big if you can’t fit into that new outfit you picked out. Fear not. If the outfit doesn’t work out, you’re still a good person. Sure you might not feel comfortable with one specific outfit, but if you keep looking, you’ll likely find something that flatters you. There are plenty of options to choose from out there!

But if you’re someone who isn’t swayed by my saying, “You’re not too tall, thin, short, big” or “You’re more than just your appearance,” then maybe it’s time to focus on something other than what you look like. You have other talents that make you unique. You can do so much more than you think! Finding and focusing on what you’re good at can make you feel so much better than worrying about your clothes. You are more than a trendy outfit. You have talents and traits that an outfit can’t quite define. You are yourself. And that’s all that matters.

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Halloween Costumes: To Bee or Not to Bee Sexy

By Carley Campbell and Isabella Gonzalez, 16, Staff Writers

October 25, 2017

It’s that time of year again. Time for yet another sexy Halloween costume article. Sexy Halloween costumes are a strange element of the season, with plenty of examples to choose from, like for instance—bees.

Above we have a bee costume. Let’s stop for a second and ask ourselves a few questions: Why do sexy bee costumes exist? What’s wrong with dressing like an actual bee, not a sexualized insect? What possessed a costume designer to create a sexual bee costume?

While dressing up and looking sexy on Halloween can be fun for some, the lack of choices for girls who don’t want to dress that way is not. Bees are just the tip of the iceberg; there are numerous examples both online and in stores of Halloween costumes that are unnecessarily sexualized.

Halloween is that special holiday where anyone can transform into whoever or whatever they please. Whether that means letting some skin show or covering up from head to toe, people have the right to dress in whatever they feel best in. After all, holidays are all about having a good time.

If you feel like no costumes are calling your name, a nice alternative is making your own costume! It can be challenging and intricate, like making a suit of armor, or something simple and sweet like a t-shirt that says “ERROR 404 CAN’T FIND COSTUME.” It can be whatever you want it to be! So don’t be afraid to embrace the zaniness and imagination of Halloween this season. And ask yourself, “to bee or not to bee” when it comes to strangely sexual costumes. Should it or should it not be sexualized?

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Love Your Body!

By Libby Atkins, 17, Staff Writer

October 18, 2017

October 18th is Love Your Body Day! Don’t forget to love your body this fine Wednesday (and every day). The campaign, created by the National Organization for Women, aims to bring awareness to the narrow and unrealistic standards of female beauty that media—such as TV, movies and advertising—as well as the fashion and beauty industries present. More importantly, Love Your Body Day is a chance to empower girls and women by spreading positive messages about being healthy and loving yourself!

It’s unfortunately super normal to have self-esteem and body image issues. But when you hear someone telling you to “love yourself” or “feel great about your body,” you are not instantly going to be cured of all the negative thoughts you may have about your body. We’re taught that there must be something wrong with the way we look if we look differently than the models and actresses we see on TV and in magazines. How amazing would it feel to be confident, secure and happy with our bodies?! So, on this Love Your Body Day, we compiled some tips on how to feel better about the beautiful body you have!

TIP #1: Send yourself positive messages.

This tip comes to you from Sex, Etc. writer Bells, 15, of Livingston, NJ. “When I’m trying to love myself more, I take time to look in the mirror and name all the things I like about my body. Little things that I find adorable and unique. It helps to give me an optimistic view to balance out the pessimistic view I might have of my body.”

TIP #2: Imagine what your good friends would say and think about you.

Another one of our writers, Emma, 17, of Caldwell, NJ says that it was eye-opening when she realized how dramatic and negative her body-image was. “The things I’ve been insecure about are things that I never noticed in other people,” says Emma. “I would never insult my friends’ appearances the same way I insult my own. I’ve come to realize that I need to stop judging my looks so harshly, because I don’t deserve that type of treatment.”

Once we begin to quiet those self-hating voices in our minds, we can start to replace them with more positive ones. Learning to love yourself and your body is an ongoing process. Why not start by proactively building ourselves up by internalizing good messages about the beautiful way we look?


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Period Tracker Apps: What You Should Know

By Naomi Akiyama, Staff Writer

April 10, 2017

The ups and downs of “that” time of the month are all too familiar to many of us. To plan around this ebb and flow of hormones, mobile period-tracking apps can be our closest friends. But as helpful as the popular apps may seem, it’s a good idea to avoid relying on them too much.

There are many different period-tracking apps and each has its own way to make monitoring your cycle more convenient. The apps collect data such as the start and end dates of your period, symptoms, body temperature and even sexual activity. The patterns of information recorded help the apps estimate the days your future periods might begin and end, what symptoms might recur and times of ovulation for cycles to come. By keeping daily tabs on how users feel, it would make sense that users with regular periods would be able to prepare themselves for everything that flows in with the “red tide.”

Some people use the handy system simply to become more familiar with how their bodies work, including when they may be ovulating. We sometimes receive questions from teens on Sex, Etc.’s Tumblr about period trackers and using them to determine when to have sex without becoming pregnant. This is troubling, because period trackers should not be used to dictate these times. The thing is, menstrual cycles aren’t always constant, and can be especially erratic for teens. Secondly, everyone’s body is different, and not everyone ovulates at the same time during a cycle. For these reasons, it may be more difficult for a period tracker to use data to accurately calculate when a person is typically more likely to get pregnant. However, the trust placed in the tracker may lead to risky behavior, like skipping the use of protection because the estimated chance of pregnancy is lower on a given day. Not only is this information not always true because of the inconsistencies in an actual menstrual cycle, but not using contraception (especially condoms) can increase the risk of STDs as well as pregnancy.

All in all, it’s great to have technology like this, especially if you’re tracking general changes in your cycle. But if you’re looking to know exactly when you’re ovulating and using these apps to determine how to act, don’t put all your eggs in one basket by taking your period tracker’s advice.

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Men Sense Force to Search Like Calvin Klein Underwear Models

By David Guirgis, 16, Staff members Writer

September 23, 2015

Objectification of bodies in the media has influenced our tips of what is viewed as “attractive” —from the posters of Victoria’s Magic formula Angels adorning each shopping mall in The us to the shirtless, underwear-clad guys of Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch. And it is not just an concern for ladies, possibly. A the latest report released on Buzzfeed highlights the point that entire body picture and the strain to seem a particular way influences men, too.

In Buzzfeed’s report, “We Re-Produced Popular Calvin Klein Underwear Adverts and This Is What Took place,” regular guys recreated legendary Calvin Klein advertisements and then gave their reactions to the visuals. The report seems to have struck a chord—it’s been viewed about 800,000 times given that publication and garnered hundreds of remarks, several highlighting the point that men have insecurities as well. The juxtaposition of these types and the daily men trying to re-create them was considered-provoking, since whilst the unique advertisements featured guys with these ripped bodies, the guys re-producing the images had numerous entire body forms. And it is effortless to see how your ordinary Joe could really feel insecure the standard men with numerous entire body forms aren’t usually viewed as conventionally “hot.” Let’s face it, though—when you’re with your partner, you’re not considering about the point that they really don’t seem like underwear types. Average Joe isn’t unattractive at all he just doesn’t have an eight-pack!

Sensation insecure about my entire body is something I battle with as well. And it is fairly significantly a supplied that I’ll in no way seem like the underwear types dripping intercourse from each billboard they’re on. It is a wholly unrealistic ideal, and still I had internalized the belief that I was not “trying tough enough” to seem like these types and that I’d in no way finish up with any one since I appeared, well, ordinary.

Intercourse sells, but these advertisements are advertising a fantasy. In real daily life, not all women have thigh gaps and big butts similarly, not all guys have smoldering abdominal muscles and excellent pecs. But you know what? Which is wholly Ok. At the finish of the working day, accepting and loving your entire body and the bodies of others—whatever shape they’re in—is significantly much more particular. And that goes for individuals of all genders, too.

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What do you imagine about the Buzzfeed report? Sound off in the remarks!

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National Women’s History Month: We’ve Come a Long Way

By Grace Wampold, 17, Staff Writer

March 15, 2017

March is Women’s History Month—a time to remember that the rights we exercise today are the product of our very slow evolution toward gender equality. From Susan B. Anthony to Audre Lorde, most of us have a list of strong women in history that come to mind. These activists fought to give women a voice and things like the right to vote in the U.S.

It was not that long ago that women were expected to wear only dresses and keep silent. They were told what their role in society should be and what to do with their bodies and sexuality. Sex was never discussed with girls unless it related to pregnancy or the pleasure of a man. Having the power to decide how many kids you want, what you expect from your partner and what you want out of a relationship is just as important as having the right to vote and an opportunity to influence public policy.

Today, I have the right to explore my sexuality and understand my own desires out of life rather than have a path chosen for me. I can wear pants to school or “pants” in a relationship, if that’s what I feel comfortable doing. Let’s hear it for women, all types of women, because this month is for you. May we be inspired to continue to work toward a world where all people are treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their gender.

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Four Great Sexual Health Apps

By Gillian Hatcher, 18, Staff Writer

February 14, 2017

We all have our phones on us most of the day, and we all use at least five apps a day, so why not add a few great sexual health apps?

Recently, Answer—the organization that publishes Sex, Etc.—published a report in which they asked teens to use and review apps and other web-based digital tools related to sexual health. The report looks at what is working in the world of sexual health digital tools and recommends how organizations in the field of sexual and reproductive health can do an even better job of using technology to provide us with accurate sexual health info.

Here are four apps that received all-around high praise!

Bedsider’s Birth Control Reminders

This is an app for people like me who always need a reminder to take their birth control. The cool thing about this app is that each day you get to learn a weird fact, get a beautiful quote or some new reading material, all while being reminded about your birth control of choice. Some of my favorites have been a link to a women’s literature list, the quote “There is a moon, that rests in the quiet corners of a lover’s lips” and insight into Cleopatra’s signature lipstick.

Circle of 6

I personally had all of my friends download this app. Circle of 6 allows you to keep in contact with your friends and family anytime: while you’re out and alone, feeling uncomfortable at a party or not feeling safe while on a date, for example. You can send a text to your “circle” with the press of a button, asking them to “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.” You can also easily send texts like “I’m home safe” and “Come and get me. I need help getting home safely” with your location. Circle of 6 makes it that much easier to have the support and help of your family and friends when you need it most.


Eve is not your normal period tracker app; it’s actually a lot more. Just like other period trackers, there are reminders when your period should start and a log to track all of your symptoms. But it also has a bunch of articles, quizzes and an active community you can participate in. Here you can talk to other people about their periods and share advice and tips to get through your period. It might be weird to call a period tracker app “fun,” but Eve is definitely a fun app to have on your phone.

Planned Parenthood Chat/Text

While Planned Parenthood Chat/Text isn’t an app, it is a great digital tool that you can access on your phone. Go to the Planned Parenthood website and click the “Chat Now” button. Through the chat, you can have your sexual questions answered by a professional. This tool is beyond valuable and something that you should use if you ever have a question about your sexual health and need a quick answer.

I hope that these apps make it onto your phone to stay. Are there other sexual health apps or digital tools that you love? Leave a comment below.

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Galentine’s Day: More Than Romantic Love

By Grace Wampold, 17, Staff Writer

February 14, 2017

Of the many commercial holidays celebrated year round, Valentine’s Day deserves a handwritten card for being the one that commemorates love, intimacy and passion. While many couples make dinner reservations or order flowers, the love we are celebrating is not reserved only for those in romantic relationships. Whether your closest loved one is your partner or friend, all intimate moments are valuable reminders of the support we give to one another.

Since 2010, women have been using February 13th to celebrate Galentine’s Day, a concept made up by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. Groups of “gal pals” come together and celebrate friends (the other loves of your life) just before Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day reminds us that intimacy is not necessarily physical or romantic; it’s an unapologetic, familiar comfort with someone else. Coming together, passionate about the happiness of someone close to us, can better connect us to our own understanding of what we value and cherish. From hugging your mom to smiling at a stranger, that moment of connection taps into the same feeling. Valentine’s Day is more or less an opportunity to give tokens of love to those we love. The pressure we put on ourselves to find romantic fulfillment, especially this time of year, can make it difficult to acknowledge the platonic loves in our life. Never devalue yourself by the types of relationships you have in your life. Champion them, because when talking about love and building strong relationships, every moment of intimacy, of connectivity, is meaningful.

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Bonjour Jolie—Perfect Holiday Present for People Who Get Durations

By Gillian Hatcher, eighteen, Personnel Author

December 19, 2016

With the vacations listed here, people are browsing for gifts—no matter what they rejoice. But let us encounter it, getting presents is a challenging and time consuming matter, which is why I was quite content when I came throughout Bonjour Jolie.

Bonjour Jolie offers both a one-time or regular subscription of packing containers specialized for your interval. When you subscribe at you can choose the form of box you want and then customize it. You can insert or subtract factors from your box, select your preferred cleanliness products, inform them about when your cycle begins and you obtain a exclusive box total of goodies when your interval begins.

My preferred matter about Bonjour Jolie is how inclusive they are. You can get snacks that get the job done with no matter what diet plan you have—from vegan to organic and natural to kosher to halal—which will allow for so several distinct people to experience all of the positive aspects of the box.

There are also exclusive packing containers for transmen who nevertheless get their durations, as well as non-binary people who get their durations. These packing containers include things like men’s cleanliness products if that is what the person buying prefers, and they can nevertheless get anything that arrives in the fundamental box.

One more exclusive box is made for people who are new to getting durations. The box is total of anything a person demands to get by means of their very first interval from pads to chocolate and anything in in between.

So, if you’re seeking for presents this vacation season, I remarkably advocate shopping for a cherished one a Bonjour Jolie box. It is useful, adorable and over-all just a considerate present.

You can purchase at

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Harvard Ladies Speak Out In opposition to Sexual Objectification

By Gillian Hatcher, 18, Staff Author

November 18, 2016

It looks that each and every yr there is yet another report of a team of male university students rating their female peers on a scale of attractiveness or developing a sport out of acquiring any sort of sexual get hold of with them. This yr the school in concern is Harvard University.

Again in 2012, as a new team of women had been staying brought in to perform soccer and research at Harvard, the gamers on the men’s soccer group began developing what they identified as a “scouting report.” This “report” ranked their female counterparts on their “attractiveness and sexual appeal” along with other explicit classes. This yr, another person shared the report publicly, and the men’s soccer group is staying held accountable for their actions, with the university cancelling the rest of their season.

This pattern of male university students rating their female peers based on appears to be like and sexual charm is a pretty dangerous matter. By doing this, the adult men are reducing these women to objects, when in simple fact they are full women who are just striving to get an education. Due to the fact the adult men who rank them could now just see them as figures and not as full persons, the women are no longer human and deserving of moral worry, and when you deny someone’s humanity, it sets the stage for abuse and assault.

In response to the “scouting report,” the women who had been stated in it arrived jointly and wrote a piece for Harvard’s school paper The Harvard Crimson. The women—who all graduated from Harvard in 2016—condemned the actions of the men’s soccer group and identified as for a transform:

“As women of Harvard Soccer and of the globe, we want to acquire this experience as an chance to motivate our fellow women to band jointly in combating this kind of habits, mainly because we are a group and we are stronger when we are united.

To the adult men of Harvard soccer and to the adult men of the globe, we invite you to be part of us, mainly because in the long run we are all users of the exact same group. We are human beings and we really should be treated with dignity. We want your help in combatting this. We want your help in avoiding this. We can’t transform the past, but we are inquiring you to help us now and in the future.”

These women have responded to staying objectified in a way that can only be applauded, mainly because they took this likelihood to inquire persons to unite and enact transform. As a female university student, I have almost nothing but pure respect and adore for these women and how they have taken care of this full debacle.

Please acquire a moment out of your working day to study the full post composed by these women. Get their text to heart, mainly because no one particular deserves to be objectified and treated like this, and it is anything that can only be stopped if we all operate jointly.

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