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WATCH: Celebrity meditation guru shares simple guide to meditating live on 'GMA'

Transcript for Celebrity meditation guru shares simple guide to meditating live on ‘GMA’

We are here with Bob Roth, the meditation teacher to the stars. He’s worked with Katy Perry, Michael J. Fox, Jersey seinfeld and Hugh Jackman just to name a few. The two of you. You do know your audience. You really got me excited. This was the greatest gift you gave me, George, when you introduced me to this man who has a new book, “Strength in stillness.” Please welcome Bob Roth. I mean that. I really do. You gave me a gift. I know, there was a time that something was really crazy going on in the studio and I was losing it and look at George. He was so calm and I said I want some of that and he said, it’s you. And talk about meditation and how the analogy to an ocean. Well, first of all it’s not me, it’s the technique. The technique is what works but I appreciate that. I like to use when I describe transcendental meditation, I like to use the analogy of an ocean. We know an ocean can be very turbulent on the surface but by its nature an ocean is very silent and calm at its depth and the mind is the same. The surface of our mind is that active gotta, gotta monkey mind, all the millions of things we have to do and every one of us has a desire to have some inner calm we like to have upper equanimity, equilibrium. Is there such a thing as an inner and if so how did we get there and transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique that gives effortless access to the stillness that lies within. You keep using the word technique. It captures your voice and the way you approach people and I think a lot of people may be watching at home and think, oh, transcendental meditation, that sounds like a religion. I’m never going to be able to quiet my mind down but it’s a technique. How did you feel? That’s what I was like when you came to me. I’m not sure this is going to work for me. I don’t want all this metaphysical Cal stuff but would love to learn how to find some peace, some calm. I am by nature a very skeptical person. I don’t — I love science. I love practicality so in that way you would think I’m not your typical meditation teacher but I think that whole understanding of typical meditation teacher needs to be brushed aside. We’re talking in transcendental meditation a medical tool that can just give anyone access whether they believe in it or not you can be 100% skeptical and anyone can learn it. How to allow the active thinking mind to just access calm and when that happens, your body according to research gains a profound state of rest. You say it’s what the mind wants. Yes. The nature of the mind, that’s the interesting thing. There are many meditations that I think many think of, oh, I could never do it. I could never clear my mind of thoughts. When I heard that, someone said clear your mind, I said, all right, I’ll create peace in the Middle East. But in transcendental meditation, we just effortlessly access these deeper quieter calmer levels that are already there and it happens effortlessly because the nature of the mind is to be drawn to something more satisfying and inside most satisfying. Also like to have no expectations and everything in life, we have expectations and intentions but when we meditate it’s just the opposite but one thing people are concerned about, time. The time, the amount of time. Does it have to be the 20 minutes. I told this story, a man came into the office with his 14-year-old son and he was complaining, said, I want to do this but 20 minutes twice a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, who has the time? And his son who must have done the math said, dad, there’s 1,440 minutes in a day. You don’t have 40 minutes to take care of yourself? So kind of shut him up and learned to meditate. You like it. You look forward to it. It’s not hard work. I think it creates time. I think if you invest in 40 minutes a day you go through the rest of the 22 hours, whatever, 23 hours feeling more calm, more focused, more connected to everyone around you and that’s invaluable. It’s who we are when we’re not stressed. Stress is just — sticks to us so you do this first thing in the morning, you get up 20 minutes earlier and people say, are you kidding? I need my sleep. You said that to me and I thought you were nuts. It’s deeper than sleep. Do it first thing in the morning. It’s an investment. More resilient. Have more energy, more focus, you get things done faster, more efficiently and you’re enjoying it. It caughts you and energized you at the same time. It’s the oddest thing. Give us a quick little quiet time. So as I said, to learn transcendental meditation it’s taught in personal instruction I wanted to say. One-to-one. I don’t have the time to do that here but the first thing that you have to do when you meditate is you close your eyes. There are many meditation techniques that tell you to push out thoughts, this isn’t. So it’s just a simple thing. Close your eyes for a moment. Everybody, do that. Do that. And then just know when you learn this technique we will give you a mantra which is a word and sound and teach you how to access the deepest level of your own being and when you do that, your body gains profound rest and you come out energized so you can open your eyes now but just know that the simplicity of closing your eyes then you learn this technique from a teacher and it can transform your life. That is true. Bob, thanks for coming in. Offering for our crew to do this for us and we’re so grateful. Bring it home with you because “Strength in stillness” is out now and we’ll be right back.

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WATCH: Boy with congenital heart defect becomes a chef for a day

Transcript for Boy with congenital heart defect becomes a chef for a day

Today is our sponsor Macy’s national believe day when they offer double donations $2 instead of every $1 for every letter to Santa up to an additional million dollars and all that will benefit children with life-threatening medical conditions, take a look at how they helped make a wish come true for a boy born with congenital heart disease who also dreamed of being a chef. Hi, my name is Josh. Aisle 8 years old and I like to cook. ??? Reporter: This culinary cutie loves to whip up recipes with his mom. He’s probably going to outshine me very, very quickly in the kitchen. When I grow up I want to be a chef. Reporter: But his little story started with a not so sweet beginning. Joshua was born with severe congenital heart defects and had three surgeries before he turned 40 years old. Reporter: Now his heart is beating strong and thanks to make a wish. My wish was to become a chef for a day. ??? Reporter: He’s getting a tasty surprise from world famous celebrity chef Marcus Samuelson at his New York City restaurant red rooster. Here’s a chef hat. Here’s a chef jacket. You and I are going to cook together. It says Joshua right there. Are you ready? All right. High-five. Go, Joshua. Reporter: On today’s menu, pasta Bolognese. ??? Chef, Josh is amazing. He is a really fast learner. You can tell he enjoyed cooking because he was always curious and wanted to smell every ingredient. He wanted to be there every step of the way. ??? Fireball ??? ??? you are the future ??? To know what he’s been through to get to experience something like this is just — Absolutely incredible. Right. Such a tiny thing for us but it’s a big deal for the family and any time you can do that during the holidays you should. Thank you, Marcus and Macy’s and make-a-wish. ??? You are the future ??? What a cutie. Josh and his family joined us Thursday on the “Gma” set for a behind the scenes tour. So much fun meeting everybody there. There we are. I like the Penn state sweatshirt of course and Michael and robin. It was a wonderful experience and please, guys, remember to get those wish letters in a Macy’s mailbox nationwide or submit one online today if you want it to count as double the donation. Thank you so much, Macy’s. And can you go to our website to learn more about national believe day. Please do so.

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WATCH: First American baby born to a mother who received transplanted uterus

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We’re getting our first look rat a huge medical breakthrough, the first American baby was born from a uterus transplant. Now that successful birth is raising hope for thousands of women. We’re going to speak with Dr. Ashton in a moment. First the incredible journey. What you’re watching is a medical milestone. For the first time in the united States a woman has given birth thanks to a uterus transplant. All of us had tears in our eyes and little boy will stay with us for our entire lives. Reporter: Born last month he was delivered via c.-section when his mother born without a uterus received a transplant at Baylor last September. The woman is part of their uterus transplant clinical trial. Thee suffered from absolute uterine factorer infertility. A type of infertility affecting 1 in 500 women where the uterus is nonfunctioning or nonexistent. Approximately 1 in 4500 females in the U.S. Are born without a uterus every year. It was very special to look in the eyes of the mother. She was told that when she was a teenager that she would never experience this moment. And then all of a sudden you see this happening and you think everything has a meaning. Reporter: The little boy is now the ninth baby born in the world from a transplanted uterus. Joining the eight other babies successfully born from transplanted uteruses in Sweden as part of its trial, Baylor chas completed a total of eight uterus transplants including the mother who just gave birth. While three have been unsuccessful, one woman is currently pregnant. The remaining four women are in different stages of the process. This birth on this boy is giving hope to all these families out there who have this type of infertility. I think that’s a truly amazing thing. Our thanks to Diane Macedo. We’re joined by our chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton. You’ve been in tears over this. Ob/gyn you are and to have this kind of moment. Aui. Right. Let people know what it is. Basically most women who fall under that category are actually born with something — other initials mrkh syndrome born without a uterus. They do have ovaries and their eggs can be used but this affects women who lost their uterus surgically due to a hysterectomy and want to carry their own fetus talking about significantly a good number of women. Of course, always with something like this there’s some controversy surrounding it. Yeah, really when you talk about uterine transplants it falls under a different category than other organ transplantations because, let’s say, heart, kidney, liver, you need those organs to survive, to live. A woman doesn’t need her uterus to survive, obviously, but she does need it to give life in this particular way and there are significant medical, surgical, financial costs involved. This is a procedure that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars right now and so there are people who say is it necessary in a country like ours where uterine surrogacy is legal in parts of Europe it’s not legal, but I think it speaks to the very powerful compelling drive that some women have to carry their own baby and the technology and the science is there right now that is finally making that possible. Well, what are the medical and surgical risks for both mother and baby. In obstetrics we have two patients. You need to remember that. With these type of women you’re talking about rejection, bleeding, damage to the surrounding anatomy for both the donor and resip Jens and need for immune Zhu suppression temporarily because after that delivery that uterus will come out and for the fetus risk of preterm delivery and the baby has to be born by c-section. This is your wheelhouse. You’ve heard me talking about it since 2014. It’s huge for reproductive health and huge for my specialty, ob/gyn and families everywhere that want to become parents in this way and for that very, very special family who delivered in Texas. This is really historic for this country. It is. All right, Jen, thanks so much.

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WATCH: Can dieting around the holidays backfire?

Transcript for Can dieting around the holidays backfire?

holiday season which means lots of great food that could make dieting difficult. Starting early can actually backfire and Dr. Jen Ashton is here and, Jen, before we start I have a quick question. How many of you by a show of hands are now dieting today after indulging over this past Thanksgiving? I’m already seeing — yeah. Oh, wow. That’s about right. So people say, Jen, can you tie to watch what you eat before a holiday party. It sounds like a good plan but it can actually turn against you? It can and I’ll explain why. A very complicated process. Dieting. It’s not as simple as calories in, calories out. Take a look. What happens in general when people start to diet. Their weight may drop a little. That produces an increase in the hunger hormones. People are hungrier and metabolism actually slows down so that your body can restore itself to its equilibrium which is its heaviest weight, the set point theory so starting around holiday time not the best time to tart an aggressive diet. Then you have to — if you put fewer calories in your body regulates then you add more calories because you indulge because you have this at the table. You have a three-bite rule. Listen, I want to be clear. Everyone needs to find — you want some of this at the end? What works for them and this is by no means scientific rigor but a three-bite rule if you go to a party you will see tempting things like this, take three bites and move on. Talking about three bites of a delicious cheesecake that’s almost half the slice. That’s a huge slice, by the way or you could share it with someone then you’ll hear other tips like eat before you go so you’re not ravenous. I think also, you know, I practice something that I find working really well which is if you just keep talking a lot you’re not going to be able to eat a lot in sparkling water in your hand I think that helps too. You can’t put food in your other hand if you’re holding a glass so it’s about finding a trick, having a plan in advance that will work for you. There’s no right or wrong. How about a plan afterwards. Best way to burn it off. You have to be active. Everyone has a phone with an app. Track your step, walk to and from the party. A great time of year to start something new like a group cardio class can be fun with friends then when you get back to work the next day please use the stairs. Every little bit helps. Great advice. Thank you very much, Jen.

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WATCH: Nutritionist shares her best diet tips to help boost your workouts

Transcript for Nutritionist shares her best diet tips to help boost your workouts

you I you you. And we are back now on “Gma” with simple secrets to boost your workout. I’m here with registered nutritionist and a spokesperson for kefir. We have to start with strong bones. We can get it through nutrition. It’s really important for everyone to have good bone health. Okay, so we have some foods here that will improve bone health. Salmon, almonds and kale. These have strong nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous partnered with exercise can help reduce your risk of osteoporosis, isn’t it crazy, absolutely nuts so when you partner those together you can reduce your risk of osteoporosis. They seem to show up on everything. These are super foods. Do this. When you’re done working out. People don’t know this. You do need to refuel. It’s Sporn to refuel with carbohydrates and protein. Livway kefir has carbohydrates and protein but a cool part is it has 12 live and active cultures in it which help the absorption of carbohydrates in protein so the carbs help refuel the body and protein helps to repair the muscle. Plus, a really even cool fact, is that this has natural electrolytes in it which will help the hydration get into the cells. After you’ve gotten all that out in your hard workout. We have it in the morning too so livway kefir is amazing any time of day. We have our amazing audience. They will help us out. I know they’re over there. This is Kelly’s choice. This is the power five. Power five. And so everybody, how many fingers do you have? All: Five. This is how you can remember. Protein, we have vegetables, we have fruits and we have dairy and also we have our whole grains, okay. So by getting in the power of five, it’s going to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals and nutrition you need all day long. It’s so simple. It’s so simpf? We’ve heard it before but feels like I’ve got to do it today because Kelly said so. So totally easy. You don’t have to be a four day chef. Everyone thinks dietitians are chefs but they’re not. Cucumber, tomato, apple, glass of milk, that simple. Thanks so much. Kelly. Thank you all. We’ll all be healthy today. Mike: Good morning.

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WATCH: Angelina Jolie's doctor shares tips on how to prevent breast cancer

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is breast cancer awareness month join the by surgical breast cancer specialist founder of the pink lotus breast center, Dr. Kristi funk and she’s here to tell us all about the new trends in breast cancer treatment offering hope and I can’t help but see everybody here, fellow thrivers, I don’t use the word survivors. That are here and bless you. For the continued work tt you do, always feel uplifted being in your 3re7bs. What’s the biggest headline. Biggest headline, better screenings so 3D mammography available in breast centers everywhere. I love this technology especially for dense breasted women where those cancers get camouflaged and hide behind the breast tissue. We’re finding 34% more breast cancers with 17% fewer false positive callback. Oh, my gosh. That’s why it’s more effective. Think of them like a loaf of raisin bread which who doesn’t, smash that between two plates and you tell me, find the raisins, that’s your typical digital. Now same squishing in radiation, sorry, ladies but there’s your 3ding I’m seeing 15 slices of bread and suddenly, whoop, there’s the raisin. Oh, my gosh. When you put it like that it makes perfect sense. You were asking me before we went on the air diagnosed in 2007 with breast cancer, triple negative. Did you have family history, you asked. No. I was shocked to find out 80 to 85% of women who are diagnosed, no family history. No family history. We’re always told about heredity. It is a myth if you look at everybody only 90 to 95% mash I mean 90 to 95% don’t like you have any family history or it’s from — 5% to 10% is from an inherited mutation so you have 85% of the people with not a single relative with breast cancer so 5% to 10% we can blame on genes, 5% to 10% is crazy bad luck like getting caught in a mass shooting. You don’t understand it. 80 to 85% we understand, 1.7 million invasive breast cancers being diagnosed this year. Over 1 million of them I know how to control and prevent. Let’s talk about that because you’re going to help us do that because some of it starts with our diet as we — look at these beautiful people in pink. Oh, yes. Come on over. Show us. It begins with the diet. It begins can the diet. Nutrition, exercise, so much stuff we can control. The caped superhero of all superfoods is broccoli. The ingredients in these vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts are masterminds at seeking and destroying cancer cells. Moving on, berries. So I love antioxidants in berries, blueberries, blackberry, free radical involve vengers so berries make cancer cells commit suicide. It’s called apoptosis. I blend a cup a day into a shake. Frozen berries release polyphenols faster so it’s one that’s better frozen. Some amazing superfoods. Turmeric. I’ve heard of that. I put that in my eggs. A quarter teaspoon a day. Did you know it is 2,000% more bio available with two thing, piperine, combine it with and fat soluble so need some fat with your egg, well, the yolk will have it but I put a tablespoon of ground flack seeds. It’s anti-estrogen. This, I’m sure nobody knows what it is. A study looked at over 31 foods. Everything we eat from twinkies to apples, okay. This was at the tippy top of the antioxidant scale. The Indian gooseberry. — No. So the Indian gooseberry comes in powdered or liquidform. A tablespoon of this in my shake every day. 75 times more potent than goej XI berries. Why is soy here? We’ve heard you are not supposed to have it in your diet. It’s a myth. We don’t know what that does this your body, stay away. Wrong, wrong, wrong, five huge studies since 2009 show if you consume particularly whole food soy so soybeans, tempeh, miso, anti-estrogens in your body, 60% less breast cancer, 29% less death from breast cancer from survivors. My goodness. Only 30 seconds left. One thing I want to say, plant, how they help actually, simple things in your home. So, forward slash bulletproof. They absorb toxins from the air. Did you know that? Things we want to think about in terms of what you can do in your home, we’ve got all of these endocrine disrupting compounds, edcs and ago like estrogen and touch them all day. Gas pump, paper receipt, wash your hands every day before you eat. Plain old soap is better than anti-bacterial. All right. She could go on and on.

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    WATCH: How to get a good night's sleep

    Transcript for How to get a good night’s sleep

    I’m glad she’s getting it out there for a lot who suffers from it. Who has trouble suffering from not sleeping? There are new ways to help get a better night sleep and the CDC says up to 70 million people, that means we’re not alone, have sleep or wakefulness disorders. Our Becky Worley, well, she’s one of them getting great tips from a sleep coach. ??? Reporter: Time, 2:45 A.M. Location, Oakland, California. Good morning to you, Becky. Good morning, Lara. Reporter: Job, west coast correspondent for an east coast morning show. Great tips as always, Becky Worley, we thank you. Reporter: After my 5:00 A.M. Live shots I’m usually back to bed. This shift work can lead to problems like insomnia. The worst is when it’s my day off and I wake up at 3:00 A.M. Anyways then it takes me a while to get back to sleep. Joy. My short-term memory can get weird. Wait. Why did I come in here? I am a sleep mess. Enter this sleep coach. We help you find those nooks and crannies of where the underlying issues may be and then help you get back on track with your sleep. Reporter: Mara has me log my sleep, caffeine intake and alcohol consumption and investigates my sleep space. Okay, so I see the blackout shades. Yeah. Those are key. Yeah, absolutely key. Reporter: She makes suggestions like with my right before bed Facebook habit. The amber light settle is like the night shift. You can put it on and schedule it. What happens a lot of times is right before bed people are exposed to blue light and then they’ll have a hard time falling asleep. Reporter: She looks at my fellow. You want to visualize a line coming from the top of your scalp coming down your forehead down through your nose, lip, chin, neck, chest, all the way down to your belly button. Reporter: When we talk about what wakes me up in the night, a surprising culprit is identified. A lot of types people don’t think about, well, what noises can my pets or how can they make me up at night. She leaves three three practical steps to improve lie sleep. Noise, wear earplugs when I can and at the least — Taking off the dog collar to eliminate the noise at night. Eat earlier and cut alcohol. Final finally, chill. The problem, emotions we haven’t dealt with can bubble up at night. Monkey brain. Exactly. Reporter: So to process feelings she advises multiple check-ins where you breathe deeply, do a gut check and feel your feelings before you go to bed. So a lot of the best ways to improve your sleep actually happen out of the bedroom. Yes. It’s not just, okay, what’s happening in the bedroom or how much sleep did you get at night but what’s happening the whole day. All right, good advice for all of us. A lot of good advice there. I could have told Becky to the to go right to bed after a live shot. You got to power through, girl. We’ll all be sleeping good tonight if we follow her advice.

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