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WATCH: Angelina Jolie's doctor shares tips on how to prevent breast cancer

Transcript for Angelina Jolie’s doctor shares tips on how to prevent breast cancer

is breast cancer awareness month join the by surgical breast cancer specialist founder of the pink lotus breast center, Dr. Kristi funk and she’s here to tell us all about the new trends in breast cancer treatment offering hope and I can’t help but see everybody here, fellow thrivers, I don’t use the word survivors. That are here and bless you. For the continued work tt you do, always feel uplifted being in your 3re7bs. What’s the biggest headline. Biggest headline, better screenings so 3D mammography available in breast centers everywhere. I love this technology especially for dense breasted women where those cancers get camouflaged and hide behind the breast tissue. We’re finding 34% more breast cancers with 17% fewer false positive callback. Oh, my gosh. That’s why it’s more effective. Think of them like a loaf of raisin bread which who doesn’t, smash that between two plates and you tell me, find the raisins, that’s your typical digital. Now same squishing in radiation, sorry, ladies but there’s your 3ding I’m seeing 15 slices of bread and suddenly, whoop, there’s the raisin. Oh, my gosh. When you put it like that it makes perfect sense. You were asking me before we went on the air diagnosed in 2007 with breast cancer, triple negative. Did you have family history, you asked. No. I was shocked to find out 80 to 85% of women who are diagnosed, no family history. No family history. We’re always told about heredity. It is a myth if you look at everybody only 90 to 95% mash I mean 90 to 95% don’t like you have any family history or it’s from — 5% to 10% is from an inherited mutation so you have 85% of the people with not a single relative with breast cancer so 5% to 10% we can blame on genes, 5% to 10% is crazy bad luck like getting caught in a mass shooting. You don’t understand it. 80 to 85% we understand, 1.7 million invasive breast cancers being diagnosed this year. Over 1 million of them I know how to control and prevent. Let’s talk about that because you’re going to help us do that because some of it starts with our diet as we — look at these beautiful people in pink. Oh, yes. Come on over. Show us. It begins with the diet. It begins can the diet. Nutrition, exercise, so much stuff we can control. The caped superhero of all superfoods is broccoli. The ingredients in these vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts are masterminds at seeking and destroying cancer cells. Moving on, berries. So I love antioxidants in berries, blueberries, blackberry, free radical involve vengers so berries make cancer cells commit suicide. It’s called apoptosis. I blend a cup a day into a shake. Frozen berries release polyphenols faster so it’s one that’s better frozen. Some amazing superfoods. Turmeric. I’ve heard of that. I put that in my eggs. A quarter teaspoon a day. Did you know it is 2,000% more bio available with two thing, piperine, combine it with and fat soluble so need some fat with your egg, well, the yolk will have it but I put a tablespoon of ground flack seeds. It’s anti-estrogen. This, I’m sure nobody knows what it is. A study looked at over 31 foods. Everything we eat from twinkies to apples, okay. This was at the tippy top of the antioxidant scale. The Indian gooseberry. — No. So the Indian gooseberry comes in powdered or liquidform. A tablespoon of this in my shake every day. 75 times more potent than goej XI berries. Why is soy here? We’ve heard you are not supposed to have it in your diet. It’s a myth. We don’t know what that does this your body, stay away. Wrong, wrong, wrong, five huge studies since 2009 show if you consume particularly whole food soy so soybeans, tempeh, miso, anti-estrogens in your body, 60% less breast cancer, 29% less death from breast cancer from survivors. My goodness. Only 30 seconds left. One thing I want to say, plant, how they help actually, simple things in your home. So, forward slash bulletproof. They absorb toxins from the air. Did you know that? Things we want to think about in terms of what you can do in your home, we’ve got all of these endocrine disrupting compounds, edcs and ago like estrogen and touch them all day. Gas pump, paper receipt, wash your hands every day before you eat. Plain old soap is better than anti-bacterial. All right. She could go on and on.

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    WATCH: How to get a good night's sleep

    Transcript for How to get a good night’s sleep

    I’m glad she’s getting it out there for a lot who suffers from it. Who has trouble suffering from not sleeping? There are new ways to help get a better night sleep and the CDC says up to 70 million people, that means we’re not alone, have sleep or wakefulness disorders. Our Becky Worley, well, she’s one of them getting great tips from a sleep coach. ??? Reporter: Time, 2:45 A.M. Location, Oakland, California. Good morning to you, Becky. Good morning, Lara. Reporter: Job, west coast correspondent for an east coast morning show. Great tips as always, Becky Worley, we thank you. Reporter: After my 5:00 A.M. Live shots I’m usually back to bed. This shift work can lead to problems like insomnia. The worst is when it’s my day off and I wake up at 3:00 A.M. Anyways then it takes me a while to get back to sleep. Joy. My short-term memory can get weird. Wait. Why did I come in here? I am a sleep mess. Enter this sleep coach. We help you find those nooks and crannies of where the underlying issues may be and then help you get back on track with your sleep. Reporter: Mara has me log my sleep, caffeine intake and alcohol consumption and investigates my sleep space. Okay, so I see the blackout shades. Yeah. Those are key. Yeah, absolutely key. Reporter: She makes suggestions like with my right before bed Facebook habit. The amber light settle is like the night shift. You can put it on and schedule it. What happens a lot of times is right before bed people are exposed to blue light and then they’ll have a hard time falling asleep. Reporter: She looks at my fellow. You want to visualize a line coming from the top of your scalp coming down your forehead down through your nose, lip, chin, neck, chest, all the way down to your belly button. Reporter: When we talk about what wakes me up in the night, a surprising culprit is identified. A lot of types people don’t think about, well, what noises can my pets or how can they make me up at night. She leaves three three practical steps to improve lie sleep. Noise, wear earplugs when I can and at the least — Taking off the dog collar to eliminate the noise at night. Eat earlier and cut alcohol. Final finally, chill. The problem, emotions we haven’t dealt with can bubble up at night. Monkey brain. Exactly. Reporter: So to process feelings she advises multiple check-ins where you breathe deeply, do a gut check and feel your feelings before you go to bed. So a lot of the best ways to improve your sleep actually happen out of the bedroom. Yes. It’s not just, okay, what’s happening in the bedroom or how much sleep did you get at night but what’s happening the whole day. All right, good advice for all of us. A lot of good advice there. I could have told Becky to the to go right to bed after a live shot. You got to power through, girl. We’ll all be sleeping good tonight if we follow her advice.

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    WATCH: New survey sheds light on the US fertility rate

    Transcript for New survey sheds light on the US fertility rate

    To you to that “Gma” health alert about fertility. The CDC revealing it’s at an all-time low and a new survey exclusively to “Gma” may help shed light on some of the reasons why. Our senior medical contributor Dr. Jen Ashton is here with more on this. All-time low. Age is a major factor. What is it revealing. Done by health line called the state of fertility and wanted to look at awareness, belief, mostly among millennials following a CDC report showing for women under the age of 30 the for silt rate is going down. For women over 30 in their 30s and 40s it’s going up. And, you know, really the findings of the survey say the attitudes and just overall educational level of people about where their fertility is and where it can be in the future at that magic age of 35 for a woman is like the line in the sand not so good. Other reason joost. It’s a complex issue. I think there are medical reasons. There are social reasons. Financial reason, according to the survey the top two reasons for delaying parenthood amongst millennial, financial security, it costs a lot of money and career aspirations. These are very much up front. Okay, so explain what’s going on in the woman’s body. All right, so fun fertility facts and demonstrate with — What are these? Ping-pong balls. I would very much like to show eggs but it’s morning TV. This represents the number of eggs that a female fetus has in utero, 6 to 7 million eggs when still in utero at the time of birth that number drops to about 1 million eggs. When she hits puberty these are 11, 12, 13-year-old girls she’s left with about 300,000 eggs and over the course of her reproductive lifetime she only releases about 300. When she gets to her 30s and 40s, not just the number but the quality represented by these black ping-pong balls. It only takes one egg to make a baby but it is very clear your peak fertility is in your late teens and early 20s and from there it drops. Quite dramatic when you see it that way. The numbers are dramatic. A lot of women here, a lot of women watching saying, okay, if we’re over 35, under 35, what do we do. This is the take home message and I’m excited about this. I think this is a discussion women should be having with their health care provider, ob/gyn in their 20s about their options, awareness and education. Not everyone chooses to be a parent which is totally fine but you want to know the facts and what is on your horizon so I think for women that is key and that dialogue should start immediately. Sooner rather than later because that is only going to be helpful. We have to remember it’s not just women, recent studies about male fertility, their rates globally are dropping and so it takes two. This is a very important awareness. Certainly does take two. Let’s go outside to ginger.

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