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WATCH: HPV test may be better than Pap smears at detecting early cervical cancer: Study

Transcript for HPV test may be better than Pap smears at detecting early cervical cancer: Study

We want T Tur to a “Gma” health alert. A new stu could make the pap smear a thing O the past. Everyan said halleluj more than 1000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer th year and now a Massi clinical trial finds that the HPV test is better than the traditional pap smear in detecting early signs of the disease. Good morning. Tell about the study and whathis could really mean. Ts appeared in journal of the American medical association.” A study done inanada and followed W over a fourear period and divided them into three groups. Wo screened using jus the HPV, THA the human papillomavirus test ane and women screened with tonal liquid bas pap and aafety ground the women sned just with the HPV test had a lower chance ofeveloping the precancerous lesion that we rry about passing to cervical cancer again the ce of the virus tended to trump the abnormal cells on the pap smear. Nicole wrote in to us on Twitter asking why isn’t HPV testing standard during a pap if so much of the populatioas it? The good new for women listening for the most in this country already is. Womeould ask if there I autic reflex HPV testing. Notomething thetor has to say now I’ll check you F HPV. It’s done wi same instruments as the P. These are the instruments use a traditional pap smear. Nothing scary here, same instruments are done to do the hpest. Pap smear looks a cells and Ng look at DNA of virus which sexually — Next time we go to the doctor do we ask for an HPV St? Yhould ask if reflex test something done when they geteened with a pap smear Beuse this is not going away. We still need more long-term follow-up and data they need to ask when my rest is back is it Normal O abnormal and ask for th specificerminology and management of abnormal pap smears is based on whether or not there’s HPV there, T age of patient and that patience’s pticular pap history. Anyth else women can doo lower their risk? There is and the single test advance for cercal is aside fromheap smear screg is the HPV vaccine. This ishat prove the majority O cervical cancer which is cau by this virus. So getti vaccinatedor women and mento the age of 26, very important and thensmoking, it’s bad for the whole body but ‘S really bad for the rvix. Gre informati as always. Gi.

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WATCH: Gaming disorder added to the International Classification of Diseases

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    WATCH: What to know about new colon cancer guidelines

    Transcript for What to know about new colon cancer guidelines

    Turning now to agma” health alert. The an cancer society is out withew screening idelines for colon cancer and N will break it all down tore us. What are theseommendations and why so important to get screened. Here’s the thing, first of all we do expect these recommendations to be brought th some controversy like most cancer recommendations. Re’s what’ehind it. In people under the age O 50 the rates of colorectal cancer are yrting up 51% and spoke to the people at meal sloan-kettering anddhey were of people in their 20s and 30s — now, it is important to rest S occur over the age of 5 B they’re watching th tren when you recommendreased testing you have to take INT account costs,er risks versusefs but the reason behind it is that we know that if you catch colon cancer early, that canees and let me show Y what mean. If you imaginehis as the colon, okay, tumor there, no polyp, no obstruction. When a cancer starts to grow, it has to get really, ry big to comply block off the lumen or inside O the intestine before sing symptoms so if you screenple with colonoscopy orerests you can catch it early. Do we know W the rates increasing. That’s the thing. Terry, does it have something to do with diet and obesity? We know that there arether factors that increase the risk of col cancer, family history, certain genetic mutations. Polyp, inflammatory bowel disease, increased rat consion. First of all, I think when you talk about lowering risks there are certainleneral guidelines. Screening, dietary change, aspirin for some on the advice of their physician, genet testing F S and be aware ofsymptoms. Breakfast, T is what we should go for, ls of fiber. My favorit breakfast but this is best for the colon. Iiced that was over on your side. This is mvorite. DI you notice how I did that? I did notice at. All right, Jen, alw .

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    WATCH: Guys' guide to getting in shape for a wedding

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    WATCH: Inside promising new colon cancer treatments

    Transcript for Inside promising new colon cancer treatments

    Now to that “Gma” health alert about colon cancer. It’s the second leading cause of cancer deaths in America and now it’s on the rise among young adults. We spoke with one young patient who beat it and the medical team that helped her. It was just about the last news I was expecting to hear. Reporter: At just 24 years old, Dana rye was diagnosed with colon cancer. She’s part of an unsettling trend. Young adults developing one of the deadliest forms of cancer. The first time symptoms appeared for me I was 17 years old in high school and experienced a little bit of rectal 3w4r50eding and said this is what webmd told me it could be and the doctor laughed in my face and said there was no possible way at my age it could be colon cancer. Reporter: Experts suggest adults get screened for colon cancer at 50 years old, 45 for African-Americans but according to a study by the American cancer society, colon cancer rates are rising in adults as young as their 20s and 30s with death rates for this group also increasing. And though the overall risks of colorectal cancers at this ages is still low millennials born in 1990 now face double the risk of colon cancer as a person born in 1950 did at the same age. In our patients with young onset colorectal cancer under 50 what we’re seeing they don’t have a family history or any known genetic predisposition. Reporter: This doctor is behind the first of its kind study at memorial sloan-kettering. If we can identify the patients that are at risk for getting this disease at such a young age we can diagnose them earlier. Their approach, combining research with clinical care to tackle the problem. We hope to provide a broader, more holistic approach of medical care to our patients. Reporter: After six months of grueling treatment, Dana is now 32 years old and eight years cancer-free. If there are changes in your body to know that — recognize them and make sure to investigate them. Yes, and Jen is nodding along about that knowing your body so what is behind this increase? You know, it’s not clear and we don’t know. There are some suggestions and a recent study that came out of sloan-kettering suggests a couple of factors. Increase in polyps. There is a definite delay in getting that patient a colonoscopy. Bleeding that then is attributed to hemorrhoids instead of colon cancer, the cost of a colonoscopy, can be difficult for insurance companies to cover it and all contributes to misdiagnosis so we have to be clear. It is still higher risk if you’re over the age of 50 but this age group, the rise is concerning. It is very concerning. So what about signs, symptom, prevention? This is where people need to pay attention. Even young people because this can be life saving so signs or symptoms. Number one, any type of I regular bleeding, any change in bowel habits. Weight loss unintentional, persistent cramps, gas or pain. If you notice those be persistent. This applies to the medical profession as well and think of this but you have to talk about prevention because that is really important. So when you talk about colorectal cancer, the things that are associated with lower your risk, diet, very important, not smoking, limiting alcohol and keeping your weight in a healthy range for some people, aspirin has been shown to lower the risk but not recommended for everyone across the board. Something you were adamant about discussing, lynch syndrome. I’ve never heard of it. You’re not along. Even some doctors don’t think of lynch syndrome. This is one of the most common heredity trance ss. 1 out of 300 people may be a carrier for this gene. What is. It has an associated increased risk of colorectal cancer and other cancers, endometrial cancer so it’s on my radar as a gynecologist but increased risk of stomach cancer, breast cancer sore for those genetic testing is important. Testing, that’s how you find it.

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    WATCH: New Swedish fitness craze 'Plogging' is going viral on social media

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    WATCH: Learning resilience from Olympic athletes

    Transcript for Learning resilience from Olympic athletes

    ??? Time for the “Weekend download.” We’ve all been so impressed with the mental toughness. The olympic athletes. I spoke with Bonnie St. John author of “My crow-resilience to find out how we can get some of that toughness in our own lives. Bonnie, good morning. Thanks for being with us. Thank you. We want to know how can we have the toughness of an olympian? How do we do that? Having a ritual for focus was always one of the things that gave me an edge. Lots come physically prepared but the pressure of high winds and delays we’ve seen in Korea, you have to have the mental toughness so whatever you’re doing whether an exam like you said or coaching or a presentation at work, take time out to separate yourself from the chatter, from the texts, from all the distraction, focus, visualize what it is you need to do. Everyone can learn to do that. I found that incredibly useful in my own life. Once you’re doing the things that you’re giving a presentation, what if you make a mistake how do you recover. That’s what happened to me. I fell in the slalom. I was ahead in the first run and in the second run there was this dangerous icy patch and I fell but I got up, got over the finish line quickly and still won the bronze medal I’m wearing. The woman would won, she also fell, but she got up faster. She won by being the quicker getter-upper. That’s a skill. Practice getting up even when you don’t think you’re doing well. Get up faster. Quicker getter-upper. It’s not over when it’s over. What about the postgame? How do you exhibit strength? It’s not natural to have charm and act like a champion after a disappointment. So we have to learn to discipline our emotions. Lindsey vonn was great in the giant slalom when she didn’t win. She came back and with a smile and said, I did my best. I made a mistake. Bonnie St. John, I appreciate it. Great points. All of them. %-Pif you wanttohearmuchmoreof my conversation with Bonnie check out the 10% happier podcast wherever you get your podcasts and right back with

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