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Las Vegas Union strike is much ado about nothing

Caesars having just reached a labor deal with the Culinary Workers Union (CWU), it’s a good time to talk about labor unions and how irrelevant they have become. Unions have been a dying breed since the 1950’s, when the percentage of unionized labor in the United States reached a high of 35%. We’re now at around 10.7%. Most union workers get their salaries from taxpayers. 34.4% of unionized workers are government bureaucrats.

Las Vegas Union Strike is Much Ado About NothingOnly 6.5% of the private economy is unionized, and it’s only that high because unions are protected by the federal government. They are actually allowed to commit violence against employers on a federal level, like when they strike and threaten or engage in violence against scabs and strike breakers, damage or destroy the employer’s property or even, in some cases, actually, literally, kill people. The 1973 Supreme Court decision U.S. v Enmons established that union violence against employers, including homicide, is not punishable by federal law if committed for the sake of wages or benefits. It’s still punishable by state law, but not all states actually go after instigators because it is politically unpopular. The Freedom from Union Violence Act proposed in 2007 to criminalize union violence on a federal level failed to pass. It would have prohibited obstruction of commerce, in other words picketing. Unions did not like that idea and lobbied successfully against it.

One of the last great bastions of unionized labor in the private sector in the US is on the Las Vegas Strip. “Great bastion” though is a misnomer, because while the Culinary Workers Union is the largest private sector union in the country in a Right to Work state with 60,000 members, it doesn’t have much that much power anymore.

The strike that the CWU is threatening the strip with is largely irrelevant. It will cause minor disruptions at worst if it happens, but that’s about it. No union, at least no private sector union, has the power to raise wages above market rates. They pretend that they can because that’s their whole selling point, but just like they can’t break the laws of physics, they can’t break the laws of economics either. If their demands are too high, they will lose whatever power they have left. They’re pinned down by supply and demand just like everyone else in the private economy is.

One way to demonstrate this is to look at unionized versus nonunionized (or relatively less unionized) casino labor costs. MGM currently has 70% of its employees covered by collective bargaining agreements. Standard, general, and administrative expenses comprise 18% of top line revenues for 2017. Boyd on the other hand has 19,707 employees, 1,811 of which are unionized. That’s about 9% of its work force, slightly more than a tenth the proportion of union labor that MGM has. Boyd’s SG&A expenses are still about the same as MGM’s proportionately at 19% of top line revenues. If union labor were so much more expensive, you’d expect MGM to have higher labor costs than Boyd, but that’s not the case.

This is just one data point, but that aside, if there were any drastic differences between union and non union labor costs, MGM would not rely so heavily on the CWU for its labor. Why do they? Probably because it’s easier logistically to just hire the CWU to take care of menial labor rather than spend resources headhunting for individual workers. Whatever savings MGM has from not having to find all these culinary and janitorial workers themselves, they can spend on slightly higher salaries, but it’s not like any private sector union grants amazing benefits to workers. If that were true, more people would join unions.

In the public sector it’s different, and unions have more negotiating power because there are no market wage rates. Plus, in the public sector, unions are working for their protectors, the government itself, so they are more or less on the same page. They clamor for what they think they can extort from taxpayers and then get the rest from government borrowing or inflation. It’s no coincidence that US states with the highest percentage of unionized labor like Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California and Connecticut, also have the worst public finances and unfunded public pension liabilities.

There is something really ironic though, call it poetic justice, about this particular strike threat. That is, automation is one of the chief complaints of the CWU. To quote my hometown newspaper The Miami Herald, union workers fear they will be replaced by robots, and that’s one of the reasons why they’re striking. Why will they be replacedLas Vegas Union Strike is Much Ado About Nothing by robots? Partly because the advance of technology makes automation cheaper compared to human labor costs, but one factor that speeds this process up is minimum wage laws. Minimum wage prices low-productivity workers out of the workforce faster than otherwise in favor of cheaper automated labor. It’s happening at fast food joints in New York City where $15 minimum wage laws are going into effect, for example.

Here’s the ironic part though. Who is the greatest advocate for minimum wage laws in the United States? Labor unions. Labor unions are always in favor of higher minimum wage laws because they help price out competition from non-union labor. If an independent worker cannot by law work below a certain wage, then de facto he is unable to undercut union wage rates, keeping unions in power. This is less of a problem now than it was back in the 30’s through 50’s when unions were much more popular and powerful and helped exacerbate the unemployment epidemic of that era. Now, unions are reaping what they sow, getting a taste of their own minimum wage medicine, and fear getting replaced by automation.

So this strike threat is really much ado about nothing. It’ll create temporary disruptions at worst, but threatening or actually pulling off a strike is all part of negotiating strategy. Eventually it will be settled. Hopefully though, if there is a strike, no property will be destroyed and union instigators won’t hurt or kill anybody, despite federal level protections by the Supreme Court, which looks out for our constitutional rights.


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Calling the Clock: MILLIONS Grand Final round-up; PokerStars in India and more

In this week’s Calling the Clock we round-up the partypoker MILLIONS Grand Final in Barcelona, cover PokerStars launch in India and much more. 

The sun is out. The woman who looks like a cross between Alison Moyet and Toyah Wilcox is bent over, cleaning the tables. Across the road, the builders stop work and lean on their spades to collectively stare at the young girl’s ass.

Calling The Clock: MILLIONS Grand Final round-up; PokerStars in India and more Grinning great big grins.

I order my Matcha Latte and swallow hard at the added 50p for oat milk while considering telling her about the builders. I don’t, because then she’ll think I’ve been staring.

I take my number #42 and sit down to write this.

I’m going to begin my weekly round-up with partypoker. The MILLIONS Grand Final is no longer a concept. It’s a bona fide live tournament classic.

The players came (as they always do in Barcelona), and won more than $30m. Nobody won more than Pascal Lefrancois. The stud from Montreal outlasted a field of 1,175 entrants in the €10,300, €10m GTD Main Event to take the €1.7m first prize. Brits Adam Owen and Stephen Chidwick picked up €1.3m and €1m for second and third. Chidwick’s cash saw him overtake Adrian Mateos as the Global Poker Index #1.

After the Main Event ended, Pedro Cairat beat 1,163 entrants to win the €195,000 first prize in the €1,100 Finale a year after beating 4,557 entrants to win €432,178 in the PokerStars National Championships at the same venue. And Fahredin Mustafov topped a field of 194 entrants to bank the first prize of €400,000 in the €10,000 High Roller.

And as the scent of fly spray sticks to my nostril hairs, I have two more significant pieces of partypoker news for you.

partypoker ambassador, Patrick Leonard, managed to convince his leaders that it would be a wise branding move to remove the rake applied to the bounty element of the Progressive Knockout tournaments. The six-month trial begins during the $40m GTD POWERFEST tournament and will become a permanent fixture if the players support the move by exchanging the time spent playing on their roller skates for more online poker.

I wrote about the play here – Gambling Marketing Musings: The Hidden Message Behind Party’s PKO Rake Reduction.

And finally, as predicted by yours truly, Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier, is the newest member of the partypoker ambassadorial team and will spearhead partypoker’s move into the shared liquidity market currently being pieced together in Europe.

PokerStars open up tables in India; sign Muskan Sethi and more 

PokerStars employees reliably tell me that they don’t spend too much time focusing on the shenanigans over at partpoker towers. Perhaps, it’s because they’re too busy?

This week, the largest online poker room this side of the ridiculously sized salt and pepper pots fucking up my table chi, opened up their cyber doors for business in India and hired Muskan Sethi to help them spread the word.

Sethi rose to prominence when she qualified for the PokerStars TV show, the Shark Cage, a few years back and was recently honoured by President Ram Nath Kovind for being an inspirational woman.

It’s 5,000 km from India to South Korea as a ballastic missile flies, and that’s where we head next with a brief round-up of the Asian-Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Korea.

Two people, in particular, must have been touching the heads of deities made from cement.

Michael Soyza, Christopher Soyza, I don’t know what the hell is name is, but I do know he made money in four events; made three final tables, and won two trophies – the biggest of the two being the KRW 100,000 buy-in Main Event. Soyza defeated 449 entrants to win the $148,629 first prize before going on to also win a side event.

Yuki Ko made the final table of the Main Event, finishing eighth, and he also had a ridiculous run of form in Incheon. Beside his Main Event exploits, Ko won two events and banked over $100k in the process.

Moving sharply to Brazil, and PokerStars continues to receive more press coverage from Neymar Jr than when he worked for them. This time, the most expensive footballer in the world posted a photo on Instagram of him playing two PokerStars tables while watching football on TV.

There was only one problem.

The match on TV was Paris St Germain beating Monaco 7-1 to win the league, and Neymar was 8.8 km away in Brazil.

It seems the rumours that Neymar Jr may be on his bike in the summer may be true.

And on the eve of PokerStars second attempt to host a $10m GTD Sunday Million Anniversary special, I sat down with Severin Rasset to talk about that decision, and their newest game Split Hold’em. Check out the interview, right here. 

World Poker Tour 

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has also been as busy as a Los Angeles motorcycle cop this week.

Scott Margereson destroyed 1,306 entrants on his way to the most significant score of his career by winning the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown in Florida.

Margereson’s bank manager is going to have a surprise when $696,740 drops into the line of code. The payout is more than Margereson has earned in a live tournament career that spans more than six years.

The Brit beat Faraz Jaka in heads-up action. Brian Hastings finished third, Joey Couden fourth, Matt Stout fifth, and Jeff Fielder sixth.

Had Jeff Fielder finished five places higher he would have become the first player to win both WPTDeepStacks and WPT Main Event titles. And over in Amsterdam, another player also came close to achieving the same feat.

Chino Rheem is not everyone’s cup of lemon and apple cider vinegar, but he knows how to spin it up. The three-time WPT Main Event Champion finished 4/250 in the WPTDeepStacks Amsterdam Main Event. First time live tournament casher Christos Economides took the title and €75,760.

Bits and Bobs 

Alex Dreyfus explained why he has been missing from the poker world for so long with a blog post on Medium this week. The French entrepreneur and owner of the Hendon Mob and GPI announced the creation of chiliZ, a fan-controlled esports experiment inspired by the Spanish socios movement. Dreyfus has managed to persuade investors to part with $27m and change, so it seems like a stickler.

The chiliZ project is one that embraces blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and another horse in that race showed up in the news this week. CoinPoker, who last week announced plans to sponsor the Asian Poker Tour, this week added the 2018 Japan Poker Cup as a second partner.

Poker fans desperate for news of the emergence of RunItOnce (RIO) Poker received a Phil Galfond warble this week. Galfond announced plans to launch RIO Poker in two phases, the first – online cash games – will arrive in the summer. Galfond’s blog post shared the news that their rewards system would favour professional poker players; they wouldn’t cannibalise unused rewards and many other golden nuggets.

Check it out #1: An Update and a Plan right here.

888Poker announced plans to sponsor the Women in Poker Hall of Fame (WiPHOF) induction ceremony in Las Vegas this summer. One of the ladies on the shortlist is Lupo Soto, and this week Soto formed the Women’s Poker Association (WPA) in a bid to help the female of the species navigate the male-dominated poker industry.Calling The Clock: MILLIONS Grand Final round-up; PokerStars in India and more

Leon Tsoukernik was in the news again.

The owner of the Rozvadov Casino and the first person to commit to play the Big One for One Drop doesn’t want to pay the legal fees in his dispute with Matt Kirk over an unpaid $2m debt accrued after Tsoukernik had a few too many and lost the GDP of a tiny nation to the Australian during a heads-up cash game match at the ARIA. The latest court reports name Bobby Baldwin as Kirk’s primary backer, and fellow conspirator.

Despite Leon’s dubious reputation within the high stakes community, it hasn’t stopped the WSOP partnering with him. This week the iconic brand was in the news again, after deciding to alter the Player of the Year formula for the umpteenth time. The new way of doing things is similar to the way they do things at the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC), and so far the cry from the naysayers seems more like a whimper.

Last but certainly not least, my guest this week on Poker Routines was the Unibet Ambassador, Dara O’Kearney. Find out how a man without goals makes a living play poker right here.

Time ladies and gentlemen, please.

Someone has just called the clock.


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Calling the Clock: WPT title blues; partypoker MILLIONS news

In this week’s Calling The Clock we remind you that Mike Leah upset a few people after cutting a deal during his World Poker Tour Main Event win in Fallsview, partypoker made more announcements than a sofa company during sale season, and much more. 

Walk around with a baby’s head on a spike, and you’ll receive the same abuse Mike Leah got on social media this week. It should have been the best weeks of his life. It turned out to be one of the most challenging.

Calling the Clock: WPT title blues; partypoker MILLIONS newsThe Canadian pro topped a field of 517 entrants to make the heads-up phase of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Fallsview Poker Classic Main Event. Sitting in the way of him and the Championship was Ryan Yu and a 4:1 chip deficit.

Despite the lead, Leah’s opponent suggested a deal in which he would be happy to take an even ICM deal, including giving the title, Champions Club berth and $15k Tournament of Champions seat to Leah.

How can you turn that down?

As the WPT doesn’t allow dealmaking, Yu raise-folded the vast majority of his chips until Leah took the dominant chip lead, who moved all-in until the rest of Yu’s chips were in Leah’s stack.

The move caused an outcry in the public domain. A cross-section of poker players questioned Leah’s integrity and the potential damage to the WPT brand.

Leah responded in a Facebook post you can read here, and I share my thoughts on the debacle, right here.

The Leah sting occurred in the same week the WPT struck a multi-year partnership with the social poker giant Zynga Poker. It’s an incredible deal for the WPT, who need to push their brand in front of other audiences as more youngsters choose non-TV platforms for their form of entertainment.

Other Live Tournament News 

Switching from the World Poker Tour to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and a couple of results to catch up on this week on the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC).

Keven Stammen continued his impressive run of form after taking down the $1,675 WSOPC Main Event at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee. The WSOP bracelet holder defeated a field of 604 entrants to capture the $190,265 first prize. Stammen also finished 5/106 in the $2,200 High Roller. It’s his third win in the past four months.

With that win, Stammen qualifies for the WSOP Global Championship, and the 2015 winner of that event picked up her fourth gold ring this week. Loni Harwood Beat 120 entrants to take the $10,801 first prize in a $365 No-Limit Hold’em event in the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek.

And he may not have a WSOP bracelet, but Stephen Chidwick does have a major title to his name after winning the US Poker Open this week. The UK-born pro bagged the title with a game to spare after making five of the eight final tables, securing four top-three finishes, and winning two for a combined haul of $1.2m. Keith Tilston finished runner-up after winning the $50k NLHE Main Event for $660,000 in addition to three more cashes.

Lastly, PokerListings owners Net Gaming Europe AB sold the Battle of Malta (BOM) to Casino Malta for €300,000, this week. The company said the BOM added very little to the company’s bottom line. As part of the deal, PokerListings remains the chief marketer of the event that won a European Poker Award in 2014 as the Best Live Tournament With a -€2k Buy-In.

America’s Cardroom Develops a Joey Ingram Problem 

American-based online poker players searching for a game have fewer choices this week after Joey Ingram created and released videos #2 & #3 of the three-video series alleging widespread bot use, multi-accounting and collusion on Winning Poker Network’s (WPN) America’s Cardroom (ACR).

In the follow-up videos, Ingram directed his ire at the WPN CEO Philip Nagy for not doing enough to prevent the alleged cheating. Ingram confirmed that since video #1 hit the social media airwaves, ACR has banned 13 suspicious accounts, lending some legitimacy to Ingram’s claims.

Ingram’s content revealed a loophole in the MTT software allowing groups of accounts to sit together at the same table during the late registration period. Ingram also questioned whether the WPN and ACR even have a security team given the diabolically low level of interest from both since Ingram started shouting from his considerably lofty rooftop.

You can catch up on the saga here and here.

The Rest of the Online Poker News 

It was a busy week for partypoker.

The gang is enjoying the atmos at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov where they are currently hosting MILLIONS Germany. Patrik Antonius and Johannes Becker were victorious in the €25k High Roller events, winning €425,000 & €320,050 respectively, and Chi Zhang took the €800,000 first prize in the €50k event. The MILLIONS Main Event is still ongoing at the time of writing.

In other partypoker news, they revealed the new destination of the Caribbean Poker Party (CPP) as the Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas; promised $10m in guarantees for the new KO Series and declared their intention to guarantee €23m for the MILLIONS Grand Final in Barcelona. And talking about European poker, it was also the week that partypoker revealed plans to merge their French and Spanish traffic as part of the new shared liquidity deal (Portugal and Italy are set to join at a later date).

partypoker won’t be operating alone in the shared European liquidity market. The French regulator ARJEL granted Winamax permission to begin merging their traffic sources in the four nations this week, and PokerStars has already started that work being the first online operator to be granted a shared licence from the French regulator.

Bits and Bobs 

The Match Indian Poker League (MIPL) announced plans to host the second season this week. Details are scarce, but there will be ten teams competing in a single day event in Kolkatta. Overshadowing the announcement was the news that MILP founder, Raj Kundra had launched a defamation case against the former Goa Kings franchise owner, Sachiin Joshi for failing to pay his dues and alleging that Kundra fixed the first season.

The American Poker Awards (APA) revealed the shortlists for the 4th Annual Awards and Poker Central stole the pre-show with eight award nominations. Doug Polk looks likely to be the individual star with three nominations, including going head-to-head with Daniel Negreanu, a man Polk referred to as an ‘embarrassment to poker’ this week.

Last but not least, NYPD arrested poker player Micah Raskin for dealing drugs, and Doyle Brunson revealed he turned down a $230 million offer to buy his online poker room ‘Doyle’s Room’ and then watched as the American government introduced the UIGEA and turned the offer to dust.

Time ladies and gentlemen, please.

Someone has just called the clock.


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Calling the Clock: GPL India; a billion WPT dollars, and more

In this week’s poker news round-up we remind you that Alex Dreyfus is going to be spending more time in India, the World Poker Tour reached a landmark moment at the Legends of Poker, and much more. 

There is nothing monotheist about the Global Poker League (GPL). After Season One pulled in eight million viewers, Alex Dreyfus didn’t rest on his laurels and push out a half-baked Season Two.

First came GPL China.

This week, we had GPL India.

Presently, information is scarce, but we do know there will be six competing teams covering the vastness of the world’s second most populous country.

There is no word on franchise ownership, but we do know that the teams will fill with players from the India Global Poker Index (GPI) rankings, and amateurs will also get the opportunity to qualify for a place in the league.

Dreyfus also announced, for the first time I believe, that there will be a GPL World Championships. The winner of GPL India will represent the nation in that event.

How long before we have live GPL coverage on PokerGO, only a matter of time, surely?

But before the inevitable happens, PokerGO has more original programming to fill up the virtual shelf space with the launch of Major Wager. 

The reality TV show runs for five episodes starting early September. Podcast prince, Joey Ingram, acts as host, but the stars of the show are Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Brian Rast, Jeff Gross, and Samantha Abernathy.

Calling the Clock: GPL India; a billion WPT dollars, and moreThese poker porcupines will be facing off against each other in a series of challenges including pole dancing, street performing, and golf. Poker Central teamed up with New York’s finest Roundhead Creative on the project.

World Poker Tour Billionth Hand; Brazil, and Reno 

Moving from one PokerGO act to another and the World Poker Tour (WPT) debuted on the digital media channel with live streaming of the final of the WPT Legends of Poker, and what a final table it was.

Double WPT Champions, JC Tran, and “Mad” Marvin Rettenmaier joined the new Raw Deal host, Phil Hellmuth Jr. 763 players entered the event making it the second largest in event history, at the time of writing, both Tran and Hellmuth are still in the mix with four players remaining in contention for the $668,692 first prize and a seat in the season-ending Tournament of Champions.

The event was also the hotspot for the one billionth dollar paid out in WPT history. The honour went to the rookie T.J.Shepherd who received $10,405 after Allen Le eliminated him in 47th place. Shepherd earns a seat in the 2018 WPT Legends of Poker as a show of appreciation.

In other WPT news, the first-ever WPT Brazil was a resounding success. Raphael Francisquetti defeated 3,386 entrants to win the R$781,546 first prize. And Tony Piscitelli beat 264 competitors to capture the $56,468 first prize in the WPTDeepstacks Reno Summer Main Event.

PokerStars Sponsors the StreamBoat, Amend Online Satellite Rules, And Launch Personalised Videos 

PokerStars was also busy this week.

The largest online poker room this side of North Korea agreed to sponsor Bill Perkins’ StreamBoat 2, and give six lucky punters the opportunity to win a trip on board his luxury yacht through a series of online home games and a freeroll.

PokerStars employees Jeff Gross, Kevin Martin, Jaime Staples, and his brother Matt join Perkins on his maritime mission. All five of them will host online Home Games on PokerStars where you can win a berth on board the StreamBoat.

Check the article out for further details.

The PokerStars Championship Barcelona ended with a beautiful story after warehouse worker Sebastian Sorensson took down the Main Event for €987,043. The PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo winner, Raffaele Sorrentino came third. Andre Akkari was fifth. Pavel Plesuv won the €25k Single Re-Entry for €406,300, with Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique finishing fifth for €129,350. Ronny Kaiser won the €10k High Roller for €735,000, and Sylvian Loosli took down the €10k Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller for €236,400.

Sorensson secured his million dollar score after winning a seat in a $215 online satellite, and more are bound to follow after PokerStars changed the rules this week. With immediate effect, players can only win a single package and seat to a live event, meaning the pros won’t be able to edge out the recreational players as quickly as they have done in the past.

Finally, PokerStars partnered with Treepodia to launch PokerStars Winning Moments, a personalised video that helps you relive the memories of your virtual achievements. The videos will be handed out to select final table attendees during the World Championship of Poker (WCOOP). The ultimate goal is to provide them to anyone who records an ITM finish 100x buy-in level.

Check out the finer details, and get a look at an example video right here.

Partypoker Release Powerfest Schedule, Sponsor Charity Event, and Ambassador Leonard in Trouble 

partypoker has released the finer details of the upcoming Powerfest festival.

The online poker room is offering $35m in guaranteed prize money, spread over 330 games, including 12 Championship events, with over $13m guaranteed. There are also four incredible promotions, and you can up on the nitty gritty, right here.

Charity will be at the forefront of people’s minds when they visit the Gleneagles Hotel in Killarney for the partypoker Grand Prix in early September. Spearheaded by partypoker Ambassador Padraig Parkinson, and working alongside the Cue Club, and Northern/Celtic Poker, the group will hold a €120 buy-in charity event with the proceeds earmarked for Dublin’s Capuchin Centre, and Pieta House, the Suicide and Self-Harm Crisis Centre.

And finally, partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard made a deep run in the PokerStars Championship Barcelona Main Event, finishing 40th, but perhaps he should stick to partypoker LIVE events.

Leonard hit the headlines after appearing to angle Luigi Shehadeh in a hand played around the time of the money bubble. PokerStars circulated a video of the clip, and PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu pinned a poll on the incident at the head of his Twitter account.

I write about the whole sorry mess, right here. 

Bits and Bobs 

888 was hit with a hefty $10m penalty from the UK Gambling Commission after it came to light that the online gambling company allowed 7,000 self-excluded players to continue depositing and playing. 888 denied the issue was revenue related, and instead stated it was a ‘technical glitch.’

The ‘technical glitch’ occurred between Oct 2015 & Sep 2016, and the money deposited was in the region of $3.5m. Those who dumped their cash on the site will see it returned.

Jeremy Meachem took down the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Main Event in Foxwoods for $156,735. Hakim Zoufri won the WSOPC Rotterdam High Roller for €69,888. And Russell Betts won the Unibet Uk Poker Tour Nottingham Main Event for £8,966.

If you’re interested in playing poker using cryptocurrency, then check out the piece I wrote about Cash Poker Pro, and Dominik Nitsche was our guest on Poker Routines this week.

Time ladies & gentlemen, please.

Someone has just called the clock.


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Contacting the clock: Periods in session Sexy studs and a lot more

We will commence this week’s poker news spherical-up, Stateside, and the possibility that on line poker could be sent back to the dark ages.

Calling the clock: sessions in session sexy studs and moreThis 7 days, the Senate, grilled Donald Trump’s top rated decide on for United States Legal professional Normal, Jeff Periods, and the Alabama male expressed his shock of the choice by the Section of Justice (DOJ) to permit on line gambling to emerge post-2011.

Fortunately, Periods recommendation that the new DOJ could revisit the 2011 Wire Act interpretation was hidden among other a lot more heated matters these types of as his denial that he likes to costume in white and wear pointed hats with the phrases ‘KKK’ emblazoned in blood, that ‘waterboarding’ is a good strategy and his sights on same-sex relationship and abortion.

Although all of that nonsense was ongoing there were a number of other breaking news tales in the planet of American poker. The Entire world Poker Tour (WPT) obtained the property of the WPTDeepStacks Poker Tour three yrs soon after the pair jumped into bed alongside one another, Kathy Leibert instructed Matt Savage that she believed his choice to make Will Kassouf a Taking pictures Star was ‘ridiculous,’ and Benjamin Gonzva and Andres Korn arrived out on top rated of the WPT Nationwide Key Functions in Cambodia and Thailand.

The Entire world Series of Poker (WSOP) declared a lot more essential dates and gatherings for the 48th Annual jaunt to the desert, including 6 flagship gatherings for the 6 weekends in concern. The world’s top rated poker forum TwoPlusTwo were on the stop of a stability breach when more than 400,000 members experienced their particular knowledge stolen all through a hack. And a group of scientists from Universities in Alberta and Prague gazumped the College of Carnegie Mellon’s race to become the 1st creator of Synthetic Intelligence to defeat human opposition in No-Limit Hold’em when an algorithm recognised as ‘Deepstack’ defeat a group of players including the likes of Phil Laak, Fintan Gavin, and Luca Moschitta.

Partypoker News

Partypoker built a number of waves this 7 days when they declared strategies to slash ties with the WPT and create an independent are living international poker tour known as partypoker Live. Every party will have the Thousands and thousands brand name as the centrepiece. The 1st party takes spot in Montreal in May with a lot of a lot more locations prepared in the upcoming.

And Padraig Parkinson turned the most recent addition to the partypoker ambassadorial group when he was selected to become the face of partypoker in Eire. Parkinson will wear the patch at The Northern Cup, Grand Prix Cork, and Thousands and thousands party in Dusk till Dawn.

Poker Position News

The Worldwide Poker Index (GPI) confirmed that the demo algorithm employed for the 2016 WSOP Player of the 12 months (POY) and GPI POY marathons would be rolled out across all GPI leaderboards including the GPI Entire world Rankings. The new algorithm benefits players who run deep in substantial area gatherings, and the minimal qualifying number for POY points elevated to fields of 32 or a lot more.

And 2016 GPI and Card Player POY, David Peters, is the new GPI planet number a single soon after knocking Fedor Holz off his perch for the 1st time in 30-successive weeks.

The World’s Sexiest Male Poker Players

 Peters also confirmed up in our poll to identify the world’s sexiest male poker players. Lee Davy resolved to reply this all-important concern soon after The Every day Star ran a piece carrying the headline is Melanie Weisner The Sexiest Poker Player on the World?

fifty three poker players gave their see sixty seven% of which were male, and 41 different tremendous-studs acquired a wink and a wolf whistle. You can discover out who is setting coronary heart beats racing at are living poker tournaments appropriate right here.

Paul Phua, PPIPoker and PokerStars

Eventually, Paul Phua shocked every person by opening an on line poker education website this 7 days. It’s not like he needs the income. The Poker Players International and Tain joined forces to start a new authentic income on line poker place known as PPIPoker.internet. And PokerStars busted out their new Championship are living tournament series in the Bahamas.

Previously recognised as the PCA, the PokerStars Championships in the Bahamas welcomed famous people these types of as Kevin Hart, Aaron Paul, and Sergio Garcia. But the undisputed star of the show as a result much has been Bryn Kenney.

The New York Rounders main concluded seventh in the $100k Super High Roller for $275,060, gained the $50,000 High Roller for $969,075, and adopted up with victory in the 1st-ever $twenty five,500 High Roller with a Shot Clock for $392,876.

The $twenty five,000 Pot-Limit Omaha experiment looks to be more than before it is even begun soon after only four players confirmed up to enjoy. Isaac Haxton and Ben Tollerene chopped the winning purse for a min-income every single.

And 16 players remain from a area of 738 entrants in the Key Occasion. There is $480,012 up top rated and Michael Gentili qualified prospects a area that incorporates the likes of Cliff Josephy, Ryan Riess, and Jason Mercier.

Time ladies & gentlemen,

Somebody has just known as the clock.



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Calling The Clock: Hall of Fames Holz and GPI Horses

September sixteen, 2016

Calling The Clock: Hall of Fames Holz and GPI Horses

Calling The Clock: Hall of Fames Holz and GPI HorsesIn this week’s poker information roundup we go over Fedor Holz winning a different million pounds at the Earth Championships of On the web Poker, the shortlist for the Poker Hall of Fame and Alex Dreyfus talking about the foreseeable future of staking at the World-wide Poker League.

 Fedor Holz has accomplished it once more.

The young German instructed me he was organizing to semi-retire in the summer time. It seems like a wise method. The lad wins every time he sits down. Holz has smashed the reside match felt with more than $20m in earnings these previous number of a long time, but it was the virtual felt that he centered his interest on this week.

Holz entered the $102,000 buy-in Tremendous Large Roller at the PokerStars Earth Championships of On the web Poker (WCOOP) as a 20-one shot according to BetStars. It was a terrific worth bet for the former 2014 WCOOP Key Function winner, but although he chopped the prize money when heads-up, banking a million pounds, he didn’t get the ultimate hand.

The wizard may have hogged the headlines, but it was the previous Spring Championships of On the web Poker (SCOOP) winner, Bencb789, who defeated Holz to capture the $one.2m first prize.

The way I see it, Holz need to get it although he can. At 22-a long time of age, feelings of dirty nappies, and the great importance of wiping from entrance to again don’t dominate his intellect, compared with Shaun Deeb.

Deeb’s wife was expecting their 2nd child this week, and so the COOP animal did what all caring and loving companions need to do at these kinds of a time – he jumped on a jet airplane and flew to Mexico so he could enjoy on the net poker. It was truly worth it, nevertheless. He may have missed the beginning of is 2nd child, but at the very least he gained a poker match and $22,185.sixty.

PokerStars Learning Lessons

Do you keep in mind when PokerStars took all the money absent from the Supernova Elite (SNE) players and were criticised roundly for absence of warning?

Well, it seems the largest on the net poker place in the earth has learned its lesson.

Earlier this week, Stars chief comms man, Eric Hollreiser, wrote a weblog post warning players that the VIP Club reward system would endure a different makeover in 2017. Information are sketchy at this early point in time, but it seems the rationale is to expose leisure players to all a few verticals of poker, casino and athletics betting by linking the a few habits underneath one plan.

Poker Has a Charitable 7 days

There was a charitable topic operating by the core of the poker information this week.

Vanessa Selbst is busy finalising previous minute strategies to host her 2nd Justice is Blinds charity poker match in support of the City Justice Centre in New York. Daniel Negreanu will be by her aspect as a assistance and the likes of Brian Koppelman, Hank Azaria, and Erik Seidel is associated in that one.

Roman ‘RomeOpro’ Romanovskiy vowed to donate fifty% of his winnings involving August 23 – December 29 to charity and promptly went and finished runner-up in a WCOOP celebration for $214,929.95. It’s really uncertain that the Ukrainian will get rid of all of it by the finish of the year, and need to that continue being the circumstance then charities supported by Increasing for Effective Offering (REG), and the aged and war-affected in Ukraine will benefit.

Partypoker will join forces with the DT38 Charity as portion of their Mazagan 10 Poker Festival at the finish of the thirty day period. The DT38 Charity delivers money for research into testicular cancer and is named in honour of former West Ham star Dylan Tombides who tragically died of the illness. Previous Wimbledon tennis star, Boris Becker, Sam Trickett, and Roberto Romanello will element in the competition.

The Just one Fall in Monte Carlo will also host a €1m buy-in dollars sport and eight aspect functions ranging from €10k – €103k. Excellent information for the expert poker players employed to coach the whales. They now have a little something to do with their wages.

The winner of the inaugural Just one Fall was Antonio Esfandiari. He will not be in Monte Carlo competing with the big boys. In its place, he has agreed to boost the first 888Live Festival in London, held at the very same time.

The Very best of the Relaxation

The shortlist for the Poker Hall of Fame is out in the open up, and there are a lot of People in america that consider the voting is possibly rigged or silly. Just one of the dissenting voices was Mike Matusow who employed all his reserves of charm and class to say that Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot only made the lower mainly because he was useless.

Listed here are the 10 nominations

Chris Bjorin

Humberto Brenes

Todd Brunson

Eli Elezra

Bruno Fitoussi

Chris Moneymaker

Carlos Mortensen

Max Pescatori

Matt Savage

Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot

3 players were honoured this week, thanks to the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Awards. Felipe ‘Mojave’ Ramos gained the Most Inspirational Player award Silje Nielsen gained the Mounting Star award, and Konstantin Puchkov was decreed a residing legend.

Ramos is big buddies with Andre Akkari, and the PokerStars Group Pro broke new ground this week when he announced a deal with Puma to act as his secondary sponsor. Akkari also got to have the Olympic torch during the Rio Online games.

Akkari and Ramos are members of the World-wide Poker League (GPL) franchise, Sao Paulo Mets, and this week Alex Dreyfus talked to CalvinAyre about the foreseeable future of the league.

The Frenchman spoke candidly about the great importance of the narrative of the first season and how it will be employed to develop upon the improvement of his key players. The communicate also associated the transfer into staking, a Day by day Fantasy Sporting activities merchandise, and how he has so significantly invested $4m into the task and counting.

Time females and gentlemen, please.

Someone has just called the clock.

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