More Sex Ed, Fewer Teen Pregnancies

By Mayuna Tomita, 17, Staff Writer

November 30, 2017

Luis Miguel Bermúdez first began teaching sex education at one of Colombia’s biggest public schools in 2010. Located in the city of Bogotá, the school had some of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the country at the time—and Colombia has one of the highest rates in Latin America.

To tackle this problem, Bermúdez took a different stance from the religious-based teachings that Colombian schools typically provide. He worked with parents, teachers, council officials and—most importantly—students to create a sex ed program that was built around an open attitude toward sexuality. The course covers topics like sexual diversity, human rights and desire.

Now, just over five years after the program started, the school’s pregnancy rate has gone from around 70 per year to zero!

Perhaps the class was a great success because students could talk in a safe space about sexuality, LGBTQ rights and sex. Although Colombian law states that girls age 14 and older can seek sexual health advice without parental consent, girls in the class said they were shunned and rejected when they sought reliable information from professionals.

Success like this has not been seen anywhere else in Bogotá, but Bermúdez is determined to help bring the program to the rest of Colombia and the world. We can be hopeful that rather than scaring teenagers, more educators across the globe will take the approach that Bermúdez did when teaching teens about sexual health.

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    3 Barrels: PokerStars Hamburg; RaSZi wins the Thrill; Negreanu holiday rant

    Three stories from the cafeteria at PokerStars Towers including the results from the PokerStars Festival in Hamburg, Lex ‘RaSZi’ Veldhuis proving he still has it with a mighty fine win on Twitch, and Daniel Negreanu explains why he isn’t a fan of Thanksgiving.

    3: Barrels: PokerStars Hamburg; RaSZi wins the Thrill; Negreanu holiday rantGiven the impact that German poker players are having on the global scene, it would be daft if a native didn’t win the PokerStars Festival Main Event in Hamburg this weekend.

    Ulrich Pauls ensured we avoided a drift into daft by taking down the first prize of €105,850 in the €1,100 buy-in event. The 36-year-old from Hamburg nearly didn’t play. Before the Main Event, Pauls was one of the unhappiest faces of the 2,609 entrants from 54 different countries who created €1,170,138 in prize money.

    But he went for it, like walking into a barbershop, saying, “Take it all off.”

    Pauls, who had never cashed in a live event tracked by Hendon Mob up until his win, came into the final table riding shotgun. The Pole, Michal Lubas, was in the driving seat. A second Pole, PokerStars Team Pro, Marcin Horecki, played the role of the most famous face of the final table but fell very early.

    The Main Event attracted 567 entrants, dwarfing the 367 that appeared last season, and ensuring the decision to create a €500,000 Guarantee didn’t make PokerStars look like a photosensitivity sufferer basking in the desert.

    Final Table Results

    1. Ulrich Pauls – €105,850
    2. Michael Lubas – €66,220
    3. Jan Sigel – €47,410
    4. Behzad Zarnegar – €36,960
    5. Bo Rundström – €28,980
    6. Andrei Nodea – €22,770
    7. Karolis Domarkas – €16,990
    8. Marcin Horecki – €11,770
    9. Rudolf Koster – €9,290

    The former United Kingdom & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) Champion, Daniel Stacey, finished 12th.

    Andre Haneberg Wins the High Roller

    Outside of the Main Event, the €2,200 High Roller was another target that people wanted to hit hard. The event attracted 100 entrants, and Andre Haneberg defeated Kim De Han, heads-up, to take the €46,380 first prize.

    The result ranks as Haneberg’s largest score to date eclipsing the €39,000 he banked for finishing runner-up to partypoker ambassador Anatoly Filatov in the €2,200 High Roller at the partypoker MILLION High Roller at the King’s Casino back in June.

    Final Table Results

    1. Andre Haneberg – €46,380
    2. Kim De Han – €32,210
    3. Martin Wendt – €21,300
    4. Jamila von Perger – €16,670
    5. Eric Henning – €13,440
    6. Adnan Dizdarevic – €10,480
    7. Varahram Vardjavand – €8,290
    8. Frederik Jensen – €6,460
    9. Grzegorz Derkowski – €4,890

    Lex Veldhuis Proves There is Life in the Old Dog Yet 

    You need a lot of motivation to grind 10-15 hours of online poker per day, or maybe you just need one twat to ignite your boosters?

    Before the weekend broke, Lex ‘RaSZi’ Veldhuis was competing in the $1,050 buy-in PokerStars Thursday Thrill, streaming to his loyal audience on Twitch, when a troll appeared from under his bridge to call Veldhuis old. 

    “Lex quit poker; you don’t got it in your anymore. You’re life’s with your girl now; you’re too old for this, you don’t got the fire in you anymore.”

    15 hours later and Veldhuis proved that he still has it by winning the thing for $55,000 in front of 9,000 enthused viewers.

    “Winning a tournament on Twitch feels like becoming Olympic champion,” Veldhuis told PokerStars’s Stephen Bartley after his win.

    I’m not sure Olympic champions are that old, Lex.