Blockchain eGaming platform Wild Crypto announces $5 million ICO

29th August (Jersey) – Wild Crypto (SYMBOL: WILD), developers of a revolutionary international lottery and eGaming platform built upon blockchain technology, is to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) with the aim of raising 15,000 Ether Tokens – worth around $5 million – to take its disruptive product to market.

The ICO begins at 08:00 GMT on Tuesday, 5th September, and will offer investors WILD Tokens – the gaming currency to be used on the new platform – at a discounted rate of 2000:1, 2000 WILD Tokens to 1 Ether.

Blockchain eGaming platform Wild Crypto announces $5 million ICOOnce the platform launches, WILD Tokens will be exchanged at 100:1 against Ether, offering investors a potential 20x investment opportunity.

The platform, which is 95% complete, is designed to disrupt the $260 billion lottery and associated games market, for which only 4% is currently online, according to the World Lottery Association.

By publishing results of games to the blockchain, users can guarantee an open and honest experience, and players will also be able to cash-out in Ether or to a Bitcoin backed debit card.

Wild Crypto has assembled a team of industry experts, led by founder Frank Pira, to oversee the development. The team also includes Twelve40 CEO Andrew Jarrett and Qi Group CEO Kiri Cavill.

Regulated lottery specialist Twelve40 supplies the certified back-end game technology for the new platform, and the product will be the first of its kind to be regulated via Jersey and Curacao licences.

Frank Pira, founder of Wild Crypto, said: “Using the ethereum blockchain to build a next generation lottery and gaming platform has the potential to revolutionise this industry, so we are thrilled to announce an ICO to bring Wild Crypto to market.

“Wild Crypto is backed by a world-class team of gaming and blockchain experts, and we already have the technology, the regulatory approvals and the payment systems in place.

“This ICO will enable us to raise the funds to deliver on our promise, while those who subscribe will enjoy a huge discount on the WILD Tokens that will be used on the platform.”

A white paper outlining how Wild Crypto will disrupt the gaming sector has already been published. Its highlights include:

• How Wild Crypto will increase the size of the market by offering a seamless, decentralised lottery using its ethereum-based WILD Token
• How Wild Crypto will offer a mobile-focused product targeted at the underserved 18-45 age group
• How Wild Crypto will provide unprecedented odds and user experience by eliminating bureaucratic overheads while creating an open and honest gaming experience on the blockchain

For more information and to subscribe to the ICO, please visit:

For more information, please contact:

Square in the Air Communications
David Bartram
+44 (0) 20 3586 1978

About Wild Crypto

Wild Crypto (SYMBOL:WILD) is the developer of a disruptive, international lottery and eGaming platform built upon blockchain technology.

It will launch an initial coin offering with the aim of raising 15,000 Ether on September 5.

For more information, please visit:


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High school popularity may not lead to happiness, study finds

Although high school students may think popularity is of the utmost importance, a new study found that it may not lead to long-term happiness.

What mattered more, according to the study published in the journal Child Development, is whether the teens had close friendships they maintained over time.

“Youth with higher levels of attachment to their best friends appear to have better psychological health, psychosocial adjustment, and even a more adaptive stress response during adolescence,” the study authors said. “In general, adolescents with high-quality close friendships report higher rates of overall happiness than those without.”

The study looked a group of students from the same school over time, to study the correlation between adolescent friendships and long-term mental health. Researchers at the University of Virginia began following the 169 high school students from diverse racial and economic backgrounds from the age of 15, over a 10-year period through young adulthood. They asked questions and conducted in-depth interviews to assess their feelings about their own social anxiety, social acceptance, self-worth and symptoms of depression.

The study used its own unique measures to assess these areas of mental health, however, so the findings may not be typical of the general population or follow the usual diagnostic criteria for depression or anxiety.

The students in the study were each asked to identify their closest friend, who was also interviewed to assess the strength of their friendship.

To assess popularity, researchers asked classmates to list the top and bottom ten peers with whom they would want to spend free time. In this case, popularity was measured by which students received the highest percentage of “most liked” rankings.

Teens who put an emphasis on “gaining or maintaining their peer affiliation preference rather than focusing on forming stronger close friendships” did not fare as well in the long-term. The authors said those teens may be have been more focused on status and short-term rewards or relationships, which do not have the same positive long-term emotional benefits as being in a reciprocal, positive friendship.

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Clarion announce launch of Gaming Africa

Clarion will be applying its knowledge and experience gained working in the international gaming space with the launch of Gaming Africa, a free-to-attend two-day conference taking place in Johannesburg across 24 and 25 October. The decision to launch Gaming Africa follows requests from major industry players for a quality business-to-business event dedicated to meet the specific gaming needs of the continent. The Clarion organising team has experience working with the market having staged a highly successful World Regulatory Briefing (WrB) in Kenya earlier this year, which was preceded by WrB Nigeria in 2015.

Explaining her expectations for gaming’s latest brand, Kate Chambers, Managing Director of Clarion Gaming, said: “Wherever we operate in the world we do so at the request of the market. I would draw parallels with the development of Juegos Miami, which was launched following requests from operators who wanted us to develop a bespoke event. This is exactly what we are doing with Gaming Africa and will assess the response and the market dynamics before confirming our plans for 2018.

“Any similarities with ICE will be based around the standards of organisation, of content and of professionalism that we are bringing to this new event. Whilst there is huge growth in Africa, it takes many decades of nurturing to develop an event anywhere close to the scale of ICE, which in 2017 comprised over 500 exhibitors occupying 42,000 sqm of stand space. Gaming Africa will be an event where operators and regulators can meet, share knowledge and move forwards in a strategic and sustainable manner.”

She added: “We know from the many conversations that we’ve had with the market, not just in Africa but also throughout the gaming world, how important training is in terms of raising standards and creating a professional and sustainable industry. To satisfy this, we will be bringing the highly acclaimed ‘Totally Gaming Academy’ master classes to Gaming Africa, offering full training streams covering online, land based, sports betting and affiliate sectors.”

The Gaming Africa agenda has been designed specifically with operators and regulators in mind, providing a line-up of expert speakers to help identify the opportunities for business growth. Topics being debated at Gaming Africa include: Africa’s Growing Economy – what sort of influence the dynamics of the economy might have on the gaming industry; Payments: is Cash Still King? – learn how to replicate the success of the Kenyan market’s use of Mpesa and unlock the full potential of digital gaming in Africa; Does Being Responsible Pay? – explore the argument and uncover examples of how this has worked successfully in other jurisdictions; Anti-Money Laundering and Sports Integrity – discover key solutions to one of the largest inhibitors of progress for the African gaming industry; Moving Forward with External Investment – explore the international perspective on African market entry, the operational needs of the market and the domestic view on foreign partnerships, and Best Ways to Manage Public Relations – determine how the gaming industry can work together to change  perceptions and better communicate the social benefits of a thriving, sustainable market. Gaming Africa will also feature a series of Regional Roundtables covering East, West and South Africa, and where the emphasis will be on the sharing of ideas, challenges and market opportunities.

For more information on how to build relationships with the industry’s best at Gaming Africa 2017, visit: Entry is free to operators and regulators.


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Saipan senate committee seeks Imperial Pacific financial info

saipan-imperial-pacific-financial-infoCommonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) gaming officials want to take a closer look at the financial aspects of casino operator Imperial Pacific International Holdings (IPI).

On Wednesday, the Marianas Variety reported that members of the Senate Committee on Gaming plan to conduct a tour of IPI’s new Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel Saipan next month. The Resort had a partial opening of its gaming operations in July after repeatedly missing its targeted launch dates.

In advance of that tour, Committee chair Sen. Justo Quitugua has asked the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) to furnish information that will provide “an in-depth understanding of the financial aspects of the gaming industry.” The Committee says it wants the info by September 15.

Among the documents requested by the Committee are a detailed breakdown of gaming-related funds collected and taxed, as well as precise formulas for how those taxes were calculated. The Committee also wants to compare the casino’s rolling chip volume versus its gross gaming revenue.

Quitigua has also requested that Finance Secretary Larrisa Larson submit a status report on IPI’s casino operations, including a casino gaming revenue tax summary. IPI doesn’t actually pay any tax on gaming revenue, despite some Saipan legislators’ ongoing efforts to pass a bill that would impose such a tax, but Quitigua wants to ensure that IPI is paying its full share of Business Gross Revenue Tax.

The CNMI has to approve a fiscal 2018 budget by October 1 and Quitigua said the government “must be informed about all available resources to support government operations.” The requested IPI info “will clarify any doubts or queries on the actual payments made to the CNMI” by IPI.

Saipan issued its first junket operator license last September but it appears the Committee isn’t yet up to speed on the details. It has requested an explanation of “the purpose and goals” of dealing with junkets; what background checks were conducted; and what funds (if any) the government received through junket license approval.

Earlier this month, IPI announced it was looking to raise over $51m from two bond placements. The funds will be used to help complete the unfinished hotel accommodations of its new resort. While the resort’s full complement of amenities now doesn’t have to be ready until 2023, IPI has pledged to finish the initial 329-room hotel by August 2018.


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    KamaGames enjoys a hugely successful WMGC & enters the Chinese market

    Dublin, Ireland – August 18th 2017 – Global developers and publishers of social card games for mobile platforms, the KamaGames Group, today announced another very successful show attendance as they return from the World Mobile Game Conference (WMGC) part of this year’s China Joy Exhibition in Shanghai China.

    KamaGames enjoys a hugely successful WMGC & enters the Chinese marketAs part of the group’s further expansion into the Asian markets, KamaGames were one of the conference’s platinum sponsors that saw them having a strong marketing and communications execution as well as a talk by Daniel Kashti, KamaGames’ Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer.

    During his talk, Kashti discussed how the western social card game business, currently valued at over $4 billion, is rapidly expanding across the Asian markets with more players enjoying games on mobile resulting in a comparative decline in Facebook gaming. This has resulted in significant growth across the KamaGames group and allowed them to focus expanding into new and emerging markets across the world.

    In addition, the developer and publisher also hosted an evening networking event, inviting key members of the local press and local publishers and distributors to introduce them to Europe’s largest independent social poker title – Pokerist.

    Daniel Kashti commented, “We have spent the last year exploring both mainland China and South East Asia, and decided that Q2 and Q3 of 2017 was the right time to begin to execute our plans. We have been seeing a 2-3 fold increase in player activity in the region over the past 12 months, as well as encouraging trends continuing to appear”.

    The WMGC conference also saw KamaGames meeting with a number of potential key, strategic partners across various parts of Asia.  Kevin Egan of KamaGames’ Business Development team said, “We had an incredibly successful conference and have met some very interesting local companies that we would definitely be interested in working with going forward. We are hoping to be able to provide further details of our partnerships in the Asian markets in the coming months or sooner”.

    To learn more about KamaGames and its portfolio of titles visit

    About KamaGames

    The KamaGames Group are global developers and publishers of social card games designed for mobile, social, consoles and smart TVs.

    Established in 2010 and employing over 220 staff, the KamaGames Group has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland as well as offices in London and Dubai. The group is also present either directly or through its network of partners in all global markets including USA, Europe ASIAPAC, and the Middle East and CIS countries.

    Bringing together creativity, proprietary technology, and a passion for games, KamaGames has built a portfolio of premium social card games designed to deliver real-life entertainment to the masses. KamaGames’ Random Number Generator (RNG) is certified by iTech Labs and meets the highest standards to guarantee fair play.

    KamaGames’ portfolio is localised into 29 languages and reaches over 90 million gamers worldwide with over 1 million daily active users.

    The flagship game, Pokerist(R), was named one of the Best Apps of 2012 by Apple and was the #1 Top Grossing App on the Apple App Store in 89 countries, as well as being in the Top 5 Google Play Grossing Apps in 24 countries.



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    Anxious casino operators seek clarity as Japan opens public debate

    Casino heavyweights are anxiously watching the public debate on casinos in Japan as they seek clarity in a multi-billion dollar prospect that is now muddled by evolving gambling regulations.

    Anxious casino operators seek clarity as Japan opens public debateAnalysts have been warning for months that the Japanese government is nipping the casino industry’s full potential in the bud as it toys with the idea of imposing regulatory curbs.

    Bloomberg reported that many operators are following the developments in the public debate on Japan’s effort to allow casinos over fears that the multi-billion dollar potential in the island nation will turn into a dud.

    “Our common goal is to see the introduction of world-class integrated resorts in Japan that drive economic, tourism and employment growth,” Steven Tight, president of international development at Caesars Entertainment, told the news agency.

    “The government policy makers should ensure that the legislative framework doesn’t inadvertently hinder these aims.”

    During the public debate, the Japanese parliament will deliberate anything that concerns the casinos – from gaming floor space to taxes imposed on operators. Casino operators, however, are keen on knowing whether the locals will be allowed to gamble in casinos or not.

    Many Japanese are cool to the idea of having casinos in their country, especially when most of the residents associate gambling with organized crime and addiction.

    In a study conducted by news service Jiji last month, most of the respondents cited disruption to public order and the negative influence on youth as the top reasons why they opposed casinos in Japan.

    Then there’s also the issue on where to put these integrated resorts. The clear favorite cities so far are Osaka, Yokohama and Tokyo.

    “I don’t think there’s any need to establish a facility so dangerous that it needs this much regulation,” Takeo Shibata, a professor at Seigakuin University in Tokyo, said at the hearing, according to the report. “We can be a tourist destination without casinos and with a clean image that will be reassuring for visiting families.”


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    Bede Gaming strikes Ezugi partnership

    Platform provider enhances live casino offering

    14th August, 2017 – Bede Gaming, a leading supplier of software to the online gaming industry, has strengthened its casino offering by striking a deal with live dealer provider Ezugi.

    Bede Gaming strikes Ezugi partnershipUnder the agreement, Ezugi’s full suite of live casino games including blackjack, roulette and baccarat, have all been integrated onto Bede’s content platform, PLAY.

    Through Ezugi’s products and services, Bede’s clients will be able to provide their players with the same excitement, trust, and sophistication found in the real casino gaming experience.

    Michael Brady, CEO of Bede Gaming, said: “The live casino market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry and as such is highly important that we offer our partners a wide-selection of live dealer games to choose from.

    “Partnering with Ezugi, one of the industry’s premier providers, will ensure we meet our client’s expectations. We’re thrilled to be working alongside them and to share their full portfolio of innovative games.”

    Sagi Ifrach, Commercial Director of Ezugi, added: “We’ve been admirers of Bede Gaming for some time now and it’s great to be working alongside such a high-performing gaming platform.

    “Partnering with Bede was a no brainer for us and following a straightforward integration, our games are now available to their customers via Bede PLAY. Enhancing our partners’ offerings is what we strive for and this will clearly bring fantastic opportunities for both Ezugi and Bede.”

    Bede PLAY offers a completely flexible gaming solution, combining the top content in the industry with first class marketing tools and robust security measures, and it is quickly establishing itself as the first-choice option for innovative operators globally.

    Founded in 2012, Bede Gaming employs the latest in modern technology to provide secure, high-quality products to create a world class gaming experience.

    For more information, please contact:

    Square in the Air Communications

    David Bartram

    +44 (0) 20 3586 1978

    About Bede Gaming

    Bede Gaming is a leading supplier of software to the online gambling and social gaming industries. The Bede platform is flexible, scalable and modular, powering some of gaming’s biggest brands, including lotteries in Europe and North America, across regulated markets. It processes tens of millions of transactions each month.

    The fully open, omni-channel platform offers enhanced gaming, high performance marketing tools, full platform and premium services. Bede’s games studio also produces high quality HTML5 online slots, bingo, keno and table games.

    Bede Gaming is headquartered in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK and the firm also has offices in London and Sofia, Bulgaria, employing more than 150 people in total. It is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and is an approved supplier of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

    About Ezugi

    Ezugi is a leading technology provider specializing in live dealer casino gaming. The Ezugi products & services provide casino operators with the ability to engage their players through the excitement, trust, and sophistication found in the real casino gaming experience.

    With Live Casino Gaming off-site players can see, hear, and interact with actual tables and dealers in a live and interactive environment.

    Ezugi offers numerous Live Dealer games which include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Bet on Numbers and many more games we have developed for specific markets. Our Over the Table (OTT) product is doing extremely well and offers Land based Casino’s the opportunity to grow their offering exponentially. Ezugi has also recently released their Unlimited Blackjack.

    Ezugi has numerous offices based in strategic locations and the Live Dealer Studios are also located in numerous countries thus allowing Ezugi to offer a localised service to their players.


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